Call to arms … and hands and fingers…

As Russell mentioned we’re going to be running a craft stall @ interesting2007. June 16th. It’s good to have a line drawn in the sand: it makes you focus. And we need to focus not only on the techy stuff but also on the audience. One of the things [amongst many] we’ve been slightly neglectful of in recent months is nurturing what you may call the “early adopter” craft folks. We know quite a few and consulted some on the process of designing the service but, well, we need to know more. So if you know anyone who makes stuff, interesting stuff that they care about, then please mention Folksy and get them to ping us because we’d love to hear from them, especially those in the UK. We have around 5 crafters represented on the stall but we want a lot more to make it eclectic.

We’ve recently been talking to people at Persistence Works in Sheffield [you see what they did there… nice] who were great, the Craft Centre in Manc and are doing a tour of studios and degree shows in the next month or so to see who’s who and what’s what. Any suggestions?


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