A Balloon

reboot 9.0

Rob got carried away [.. sorry!] with Jed’s Transitional Objects, or the intelligent balloons, @Reboot. Jeff’s work was inspired by Bruce Sterling, who was his mentor in the US. The balloons move and light up in response to GSM devices e.g. mobiles and they are also light sensitive. All quite cool, though one got lost in the rafters; old fashioned physics won over there. Providing Rob thinks we can get hold of commercial grade helium and then get the mix right, we’re bringing one to Interesting2007

reboot 9.0

Update (from robl) : We have one (big thanks Jed and Thomas), so I’ll be firing up my soldering Iron and sourcing some helium and we’ll be building one at the folksy stand – come and help build our autonomous army ! You can see a few more pictures on our folksy flickr feed.


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  • June 1, 2007

    Richard G

    Love the balloons. Would be great to see some video of them in action.