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Oooooh! Wow! Look at this! Gorgeous! I want one…

Dream of Silver

We ♥ Folksy on Facebook!

We’ve been so pleased by the support from you all on the Folksy Facebook fan page – we’ve nearly reached a whopping 2000 fans since we launched the page a few months ago and the number is increasing every day! We really are loving what a vibrant and busy place it is to let you know all about our latest blog posts, crafty news and just have a bit of a chinwag too!

You can see our facebook widget just over on the right, use the scroll bar to see our recent updates. (Was the giant green arrow too much? We really do like facebook!)

Thanks to all of you who have liked, commented and suggested our page to your friends! If you haven’t already then please click ‘suggest to friends’ under the Folksy logo on our fan page and let your craft loving buddies know about us too. (this is by far the quickest way of growing a facebook fan page)

Oooooooooh! Woweee! No way! Perfect! I want one of those too…

You know the shops you come across and go Ooooh!* followed by a swift click of the ‘add to favourites’ button or the facebook like button.  We see lots of these every day, some get picked as ‘Top Picks’ for the front page, some get singled out as one of our fortnightly Featured Folksy Sellers and some get an interview here in our Shop Talk blog series…   but there are so many more great shops to share! We thought that we should spotlight these someplace too.  We think facebook is the perfect venue!  – Great shops popping up in your FB news feed every day, starting tomorrow!**

How can you help?

We hope that you will also share our Woah, This shop is Awesome! daily Folksy spotlights with your friends too! Just clicking the share link beneath the featured shop link will really help both Folksy and these spotlighted sellers reach a wider audience.

If you find any sellers that you love (or you think you might need a bit of a boost with a Folksy Facebook Oooooooh!) let us know, as with all our features bright in focus pics will get our attention)

*The number of o’s in our Facebook Ooooh’s may vary. **We’re aiming for one featured shop a day but if we miss a day, we’ll try make up for it by doing two the next, so please don’t be cross with us!

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Tracey August 30, 2010 - 5:59 pm

What a fab idea, really great to see the Folksy name getting more well known, can only help us all!!

joa jewellery September 2, 2010 - 12:21 pm

I’ve been neglecting FB lately, making and listing etc. So will give it a go :)

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