Gifts for an eco friendly Christmas

Buying a handmade gift from the UK that has been created using sustainable, non toxic materials is a great way to try and reduce your carbon footprint this Christmas.  We’ve selected some products available at that have excellent green credentials.  If you would like to have a greener, more eco friendly Christmas 2010, try a few of the tips we have listed below these enviromentally friendly gift ideas –

hand printed on fair trade blended cotton tee 100% Recycled Reindeer Poo Card and includes real viable Christmas Tree Seeds Recycled silver Sweet Primrose Silver Dangle Earrings
upcycled handbound notebook 100% recycled pages crafted in Norfolk from a piece of plywood washed up along the local coast natural, unbleached cotton
Recycled Skateboard Large Pendant and Chain The petals of this ring are made by fusing together several layers of plastic bags! environmentally friendly water based inks sweatshop free t-shirt dress

Tips for having a Green Christmas

  • 8 million trees are chopped down in the UK alone at Christmas. We all love the look and smell of a real tree so why not consider hiring a Christmas tree instead of buying one, roots and all so it can be replanted (and you may even be able to hire the same one next year!) There are lots of great companies springing up that offer this service. Just google ‘rent a christmas tree’ for more details.
  • Try to buy recycled cards and wrapping where possible that use 100% recyled card or paper, or why not re-use old cards to make new ones, it makes a great crafty activity for children too.
  • Use LED fairy lights, they use much less electricity, they last longer and they are also cooler than incandescent fairy lights making them less of a fire hazard too.
  • Packaging! Creating less rubbish is even greener than recycling, a buyer recently told Folksy that one of the reasons she loves shopping on Folksy is that our shopkeepers seldom use unnecessary packaging, just enough to keep the product safe and sound in transit. Many of our Folksy shopkeepers also use recycled packaging.

Are you going to be trying for a greener Christmas this year? – please share any tips you have, we’d love to hear them :)



  • November 22, 2010


    Yes, we are a green bunch! Nearly all my stuff on Folksy uses recycled glass and I have never brought new packaging; everyone in my area brings me all their bubble wrap etc!

  • November 22, 2010

    Pauline Richards

    Hi Folksy,

    most of my candles are environmentally friendly as they are made from Soy wax which is a by-product of the Soya Bean unlike paraffin wax which is a by-product of petrol,


  • November 22, 2010


    Oh wow, great list, and just what I need to help me finish off my #handmadechristmas Folksy pledge!

  • November 22, 2010


    Lovely gifts- Love the reindeer poo cards, only seen eli-poo ones before!

  • November 22, 2010


    All my wooden items are made using locally sourced wood from managed forests (and they are a good way to avoid plastic!)and the Primitive Art Dolls use loads of upcycled bits and pieces.

  • November 22, 2010

    heather aka NiftyKnits

    For me, green is sourcing pressies from charity shops, I get the “warm glow” of donating the purchase price while finding great bargains!

  • November 22, 2010

    Hayley/Ruby Wren

    Oooh thanks so much for including my little reindeer poo reindeer (he’s very happy to be here!) x

  • November 23, 2010

    Mich / myfuroshiki

    And how better to wrap all these gorgeous gifts than with furoshiki or reusable fabric wrapping? Our furoshiki are made from our own screenprints or recycled or end of line fabrics. Please have a look at our blog for ideas on how to use them. Happy wrapping!

  • November 26, 2010


    wow lovely things! I have recycled cards made with yarn I handspun from newspaper!

    Also art made with recycled newspaper and recycled wool in my brooches, some of which include a donation to Oxfam to make you feel even better about purchasing :)