Featured Sellers: Jennifer Lilly, Mangle Prints, The Leather Store, Cinnamon Jewellery

Cream Rose Dress Lino Print Cards
Black Leather Bag Enamel flower earrings
  • Jennifer Lilly – Jennifer Lilly specializes in beautiful vintage inspired designs. The pieces are both unique and feminine, with that touch of vintage loveliness.
  • Mangle Prints – Original relief prints made from an old 1930s Mangle. Papercuts and collages, using recycled paper, print and wax anything in between.
  • The Leather Store – A collection of ladies handmade leather handbags and accessories, made from high quality leather and fittings in a wide range of bright and interesting colours.
  • Cinnamon Jewellery – Original Handmade Torch Enamelled, Stamped Metal, Sterling Silver and Copper Wirework Jewellery.

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