The Power of Making

Casting Pewter from Folksy on Vimeo.

The Power of Making

The Crafts Council is offering the opportunity to feature in Power of Making by launching an open submission short film competition called Power of Making On Screen.

This autumn, from 6 September – 2 January 2012, the V&A and Crafts Council exhibition Power of Making, will celebrate the role of making in our everyday lives by presenting an eclectic selection of over 100 exquisitely crafted objects. Curator Daniel Charny has selected a range of objects including items made by amateurs, those crafted out of necessity, and some by leading international makers. The Crafts Council is asking people to submit original short films between 10 and 120 seconds long that focus on any aspect of the making process – from a demonstration of making an object or showing the use of equipment, tools and machinery to a more conceptual film on what making means to people.

At Folksy we were all really excited about this competition and we’ve been watching the films as they appear on the Power of Making Vimeo Group. One of the most fascinating parts of buying a handmade object is to find out about the processes and techniques involved in making it. As a handmade market place we are 100% behind a campaign that champions the power of making – our manager Sarah has even been busy filming her husband Owen Waterhouse casting pewter this week so we can join in the celebration too.

It’s not just the raw materials used but the story of the creation of an object that adds the intrinsic value to it; the time, the skill (often honed with years of hard work) and the man hours. Not easy to capture in a short video but the collection will be a most fascinating archive to view.

Get Involved!

We want you to upload your own Power of Making video – Sarah had a lot of fun making the video above and we’re sure you will too. You don’t need Steven Spielberg, all you need is a phone or camera with the ability to take a video and someone willing to point it at you whilst you work – or even a tripod. Choose the most interesting aspect of the making process – there’s so often a wow moment when you are watching the creation of an object.

You can find all the details here – The Power of Making on Screen over at the Craft Council’s website, which is well worth a visit even if you don’t plan on making a video.

We would love to know what aspect or moment within your own crafting and making is the most interesting part of the process?


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  • July 5, 2011


    I love the pewter casting film, fascinating & thanks for heads up on the PoM project.