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Browser Support and Happy Owls

by James

Cat and Mouse Door Sign by Tom Brooke

All browsers are not the same. We all have our own preference not always based on a rational drive (I once listened to a chap expound on the merits of Camino for half an hour).

Much as each browser has its own peculiarities when browsing the web, they also have their own way of dealing with code. In short, many new web technologies don’t play that well with some browsers, particularly older browsers. Like a car, after a while getting the parts to fix it becomes harder, and the mechanic’s time more expensive to fix the problem.

This post is about that, the browsers we believe are worth supporting for sellers using Folksy. All modern browsers, and a large proportion of older browsers, work well for buyers on Folksy. 

Here are the most popular browsers used by people coming to Folksy:

Chrome and Safari are the most significant browsers, with IE and Firefox next in line. The popularity of Safari (in app) and Android show the increasing importance of mobile and tablet browsing. Here are the main browsers and the versions we support for sellers using Folksy…

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Chrome 28 and later
  • Safari 6.00 and later
  • Firefox 23 and later

Only a small fraction of Chrome, Safari and Firefox sellers use non-supported versions. However, a slightly larger proportion of sellers use older versions of Internet Explorer. So why is only IE10 (on Windows 8) supported?  There are a lot of issues in legacy IE versions that make it too time consuming to maintain. Simple as that. Approximately 7% of sellers using older versions of IE10 will be affected. For example, you won’t be able to upload a banner or a profile picture in the new shops. That’s not ideal, but we’d be spending far more than 7% of our resources trying to make IE work. There are other browsers that are (in our opinion) far better. Google Chrome is what we use in the studio – it’s reliable and fast. However, regardless of your preference, our main recommendation is that you keep your browser and operating system up to date.

To get the best out of your selling experience on Folksy and be as happy as the Happy Owl we recommend keeping your operating system and browser up to date.

Get the most recent version of your browser from Browse Happy.

 Happy Little Owl by Holly Swain



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