Renegade Craft Fair: tips for success from the makers (no. 2)

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The Renegade Craft Fair might just be the biggest and best indie-craft fair in the world… and when it arrives in London this weekend (9-10 November) we’ll be there, along with 12 Folksy sellers who we’ve invited to be part of Folksy Selected. We asked the makers to tell us a little bit more about themselves, and also if there was anything they had learned about making and selling that they wished they’d known at the start.

Because we can’t squeeze all their knowledge and fabulousness into one blog post, we’ve split them into three. Here is your second slice, from Francesca Iannaccone of mrs eliot books, Claire Munday from Beetle Cherry, Jen and Stephen from Loglike, and Kay Vincent from Ketchup on Everything

“I’m Francesca from mrs eliot books and I’ve been selling my prints and cards from my online shop for a few years. I use bright colour palettes, layered textures, and sharp, clean graphics with a Mid-Century influence, breaking down the detail into shape, colour and pattern. I also like using text; overheard conversations or found sentences. I find inspiration everywhere, from seeing a random shape out of the corner of my eye to children’s games and toys from 60s and 70s. I live in North London with my husband and two boys.”

What have you learned about making and selling that you wish you’d known at the start?
“I would stick with what I’m good at and not start making random things on a whim, which take up a lot of my time and end up staying in my shop for only a couple of weeks. People don’t really buy writing paper much anymore! A cohesive collection and a range of prices is all you need.”

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Abacus Print, £23, Sunny Again Tomorrow Print, £23, by mrs eliot books on Folksy

“My name’s Claire. I’m an illustrator and designer based on the south coast. I sell prints, papercuts, illustrated jewellery, cards and craft packs, under the name Beetle Cherry. I like to doodle little animals and people in my sketch book, some of which I’ll pick out to re-draw, play with and work up into my illustrations. I love children’s books and the endless possibilities that come with imagination – I have a rather large collection at home!”

What have you learned about making and selling that you wish you’d known at the start?
“The main thing I’ve learned is to not compare my work to other people’s, but also that it’s OK to evolve and develop. Everyone goes through stages of trying different things out, so don’t think you have to wait until you’ve developed a perfect, complete brand. Do a craft fair to see people’s reactions to your work, learn from it and then use it to develop and play with new ideas.”

beetle cherry, paper cuts, craft, folksy papercuts, renegade craft fair, best bit, highlights london, The Tiny Boat Print, £18, and The Lady and Her Butterflies Papercut, £24, by Beetle Cherry on Folksy

“Loglike is run by us, Jen and Stephen, and we both design and make. Now based in North Wales, Loglike was originally formed in London back in 2005, and cut its teeth in the markets of Spitalfields. Our products are often made from wood, sometimes combined with upcycled elements such as vintage ceramic or re-purposed leather. Colour is key, and paint is carefully mixed by hand to achieve an appealing, contemporary palette. Our product packaging has always consisted of humble brown cardboard, screenprinted with our signature woodgrain design, finished with an embossed gold seal. All our production is still done on a small scale, within the UK. We keep our designs simple and playful.”

What have you learned about making and selling that you wish you’d known at the start?
“How invaluable a MASSIVE cutting mat is (as long as you don’t turn it into a scale model of the Clwydian Range by applying heat!). Also, how worthwhile it is to get out there and talk to people about your work. Other makers can be so helpful and insightful. It can be useful doing selling events just for the feedback.”

loglike at Renegade, Renegade London, low-res apples, fruit craft, love spoons, best of RenegadeWelsh Love Spoons, £18.95 a pair, and Low-Res Apples, £23.95 a pair, all by Loglike on Folksy

Animal Alphabet is a project I developed over the last nine months during my Friday ‘day off’ in Peckham, London. Each animal is screen-printed by hand, in limited editions of 100. The inspiration came from my collection of 1950s and 1960s children’s storybooks and vintage picture flash cards. They have a modern retro feel, and humour is a really important ingredient. It was a really exciting project as it encouraged me to develop creativity within the restriction imposed by the letters of the alphabet and the requirement that each animal had to be doing something beginning with its letter. I never would have thought of a ‘Valentine Vulture’ or a ‘Scooting Squirrel’ with out this thought process! My main rule is that my work has to make people smile so I can pass on the fun I had designing them. I have also created a litho print of the entire Alphabet, as it’s important that people can enjoy all of them together…hours of fun! :0)”

What have you learned about making and selling that you wish you’d known at the start?
“It’s not possible to know everything from the start, it’s all about the journey… I’m constantly learning things. The main thing is to go with your gut and not be too influenced by other people. If you love your work, then that passion will show through and others will too. I have learned that your work has to have a strong identity to stand out – doing my alphabet and having to create 26 different animals really helped me develop my style. I like designing in sets or collections.”

ketchup on everything, renegade craft fair, renegade london, best bits, stands, animal alphabet, screenprint kids, Limited Edition Animal Alphabet Screen Prints, £30 each, and Animal Alphabet Litho Print, £25, by Ketchup On Everything on Folksy 


Folksy Selected will be at the The Renegade Craft Fair, in the Old Truman Brewery,  91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL. Entrance is free and Renegade is open from 11am-6pm on both days. 



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