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Weeknote #276

by Doug

A thoroughly manic week. A week that was all manic, with all manic things happening all manically in it. It was so manic, that the only pictures I had the time to take were when I was out walking Ruben at lunchtimes.

This is Ruben.

Ruben, weeknotes, Folksy,
He’s a good boy. Yes, he is. Yes, he is.

One obvious thing that happened was the launch of the homepage improvements, which we were really happy to get out. Rich’s designs are excellent, and we’re really looking forward to giving him a blank slate for a full homepage redesign at some point in the future. The updates to the homepage generated some bugs, as expected, and we spent quite a bit of time isolating and fixing these, as well as fixing other subtle bugs that have been a nightmare to investigate (like delayed listings!).

We’ve recently migrated large parts of Folksy to a new platform, and so each release tests and expands our knowledge of that a little more. As we get more of Folksy moved over, it will get easier to develop and deploy features, which is something to look forward to, too.

There have been lots and lots of sales in this last week, which is nice, and it’s been good to see the Folksy infrastructure not breaking a sweat over it. Each Christmas I’ve worked at Folksy is easier than the last, with fewer alerts to my phone telling me the site is struggling with the traffic. I haven’t had any emergency text messages at all yet this festive season, although now I’ve tempted fate, maybe that will change. The first year I worked here, I don’t think I slept in December!

Oh! And Revealing Craft book won the right to exist! People were really generous with their pledges, and so that is really imminent. Until it actually arrives, here’s an artist’s impression of it being all imminent and approaching over the horizon.

Revealing Craft, weeknote, Folksy

Revealing Craft approaching on the hozizon

That was all really geeky, wasn’t it? It’s sort-of how I am, sorry.
In next week’s notes — human interest!

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