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Shop Talk: Lost Kind

by Camilla


Stef and Dan set up Lost Kind after discovering a love for crafting with leather. We asked them to tell us a little bit more about how they sell, price and promote their work…

What made you start your business?
Me and my brother couldn’t handle sitting in front of our computers all day. There’s something very freeing about making something with your hands.

Have you planned how you’d like the business to develop, or are you just going with it?
We still see ourself as a new company, so we’re riding the wave, getting feedback and developing as we learn. We always said ‘do what you love’ and that’s what we’re doing.

How do you price your work?
At some point in the design process comes the realisation that you have to sell your goods for a price that’s fair. So we always keep this in mind. We calculate on the leather used and time it takes – simple as that.

Your product shots are great. Do you take them yourself and how important do you think good products shots are?
Thank you, we take all our images ourself. When selling online, product shots are really important – you don’t want to slave away making awesome products just to present them badly! We chose to take clean and simple product shots, which we feel work well as the customer can see exactly what they get.

ipod, handmade leather ipod case, craft,
Desert iPhone Case, £29, by Lost Kind

How and where do you sell your work – online, wholesale, markets?
All our products are sold purely online. We sell through our own website and online marketplaces such as you lovely folks at Folksy. It’s always good to have a few different outlets – you don’t want all your eggs in one basket :D

How do you promote your work?
We usually use Twitter and Facebook to share things we like, send updates about products, offers or share experiences. But the best promotion we can get is from our customers, which is why we try our best to be good communicators.


Have you got any tips for other makers?
For us, our focus was always our products, from the design to the materials, and how we actually make them. We make products that are ethically sourced and last a lifetime. We always liked the idea that our products could be passed down the generations and have stories behind them. So my tip would be to focus on your products because this will set a good foundation to build up from.

Stef and Dan sell on Folksy as Lost Kind

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