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Folksy: now with added Rich Pins!

by Camilla

If you’ve pinned something from Folksy.com to Pinterest recently you might have spotted a few changes. That’s because Folksy now comes with added Rich Pins. This is pretty huge. Here’s how it works and what it means:

  • Rich Pins are Pinterest pins that include extra information.
  • There are currently five types of Rich Pins: movie, recipe, article, product and place. Items pinned from Folksy.com are ‘Product Pins’.
  • Product Pins include real-time pricing, stock availability and a direct link to the product page, making it easier for people to buy.
  • Product information is automatically updated by Pinterest. So if you change the title or price of your piece, it will also change on the pin.
  • Crucially, pinners now get notifications when Product Pins they’ve added to their Pinterest boards drop in price. For sellers, this means that if someone has pinned one of your items to their board and you then lower the price, the pinner will get an alert telling them about the price-drop.
  • Products pinned from Folksy now all include the Folksy icon, making it easier to spot something pinned from Folksy.
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Pins from Folksy.com will now automatically have the price and title embedded in the pin


The best bit is that, as sellers, you don’t need to do anything – Folksy has been verified for Rich Pins and all products listed on Folksy.com now have all the data they need to be Rich Pins. So whenever someone pins something from Folksy, that pin will automatically include the important information, and will display the product title, the current price and if that product is in stock. If it’s sold out or the listing has expired, the pin will still show all the relevant information, but rather than displaying the ‘In Stock’ notification, it will only display the price.

Pinterest already accounts for around 6% of all visits to Folksy.com. The introduction of Rich Pins should make pinning even more fun and bring even more people to the site.

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