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Top 5 SEO Do’s and Don’ts for Craft Sellers

SEO Advice for Craft sellers

We have a category dedicated to SEO Tips for Selling Craft Online here on the blog but we wanted to share a quick at a glance round up of everything you should and should not be doing in order to get your Folksy shops discovered online.



1. Use descriptive keywords in the title and description of your product listings.  Research the best keywords to use with sites like www.kwfinder.com or Google Keyword Tool or Google Trends

2. Complete your shop tag lines, bios and about me pages, including descriptive keywords about your crafts for sale.

3. Rename image files before you upload to blog posts with descriptive text rather than using auto names from your camera eg Red leather Spotty handbag not DS127.  Make this part of your image editing routine. It’s always good to edit pictures before uploading as 99.9% of images can be improved with a little tweaking, cropping/exposure/white balance or contrast at the very least.

4. Get links in to your shop collections and products from other relevant websites, your own blog and also social media.  This is where being awesome at social media networking can also be a big part of seo, find influential bloggers in your niche who might feature your work or let you guest post for them about an area you are expert in.

5.Use great product photographs –  this has the positive impact of boosting social media shares.  Dodgy photos can also negatively impact seo because of ‘click back’. If your listing gets ranked highly by a search engine because your listings tick all the boxes in terms of keywords but they click back immediately (eg not after reading your description but straight away) because they find dull and dreary images, the search engine will think – “Ah maybe that page is not so relevant after all’ and next time it might not rank you so highly.


What are keywords


1. Never copy and paste from existing web pages (including other listings) Search engines don’t like to display duplicate content in search results.

2. Don’t try to compete with huge sites on generic keywords, instead use strings of keywords that genuine potential buyers will be using.  This will also help with conversion as although there may be less people searching for that term, they are more likely to be serious about buying -eg not red bag but large red spotty handbag

3. Don’t get too link obsessed! Quality counts not quantity. Ensure all links coming in to your site are from reputable sites – you can check this using Google Webmaster tools.

4. Don’t over stuff listings with keyword phrases or you will get penalised.  It must sound natural, but do ensure you edit listings and find natural opportunities to replace words like ‘it’ or ‘this bag’ with your target phrase.

5. Don’t Mistake lots of traffic for success…  traffic that doesn’t convert (either into a sale or a call to action like signing up to your newsletter/ adding you to their favourites) is not quality traffic and you need to reassess your strategy and keywords – are you offering them something that you are not actually delivering when they get to your shop?


(Button Necklace in main image by Rock Rose)


For further reading we strongly recommend you read the MOZ Beginner’s Guide to SEO

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