How to boost your Valentine’s Day sales

How to sell more this Valentine

5 tips to help you sell more this Valentine

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest events in the crafting calendar, and it pays to be prepared. So follow these five simple tips on how to get your shop ready for Valentine’s Day and boost your Valentine sales, with a little extra help from best-selling jeweller Claire Gent…


1. Get ready early

Thinking ahead is key to getting your work seen. Different publications work to different deadlines but monthly magazines tend to look for product images three months before an issue goes to print, which means they’ll be searching for Valentine’s Day products in November and December. So planning early can give you a great chance of being picked up. To maximise your chance of being found and featured, make sure you add relevant keywords like ‘Valentine’, ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Valentine Gift’, ‘Valentine Gift for Him’ into your titles, descriptions and tags to optimise search results.

Think about creating a Valentine’s Day collection in your shop, where you can add any products you think might appeal to people looking for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Magazines need good quality, high-resolution images, so have a selection of lifestyle images and cut-outs ready to send. As a general guide, print publications need photos to be at least 1000 x 1000 pixels, 300 dpi, no larger than 8MB and measure at least 10cm x 10cm.

Top tip: upload high-resolution images when you list items in your Folksy shop – the images will automatically get resized, but our system stores the originals, meaning we can quickly access your high-res images if a journalist needs them, without having to chase you.


2. Be creative with your Valentine’s Day range

You don’t have to create an entirely new range for Valentine’s Day. Not everyone wants hearts and flowers, so there are probably products in your collection that would make great presents just as they are. Again, make those easy to find for buyers by adding keywords relating to Valentine’s Day to your titles and descriptions, and adding relevant tags to your products.

If you do want to create something new for Valentine’s Day, be brave and think outside the box. Buyers will be looking for something special and could be willing to spend a little more than usual, so use that as an opportunity to get creative. Think about making a piece that will last a lifetime. There are heaps of great ideas online – try or Pinterest for daily inspiration – but be creative and original!


3. Offer personalisation

Personalisation is still hugely popular, so think about offering buyers the opportunity to purchase a one-off piece by creating a personalised product. If you make jewellery, could you engrave initials, for example, or be more creative and replicate a wedding flower, include a line from a song, or incorporate a memory somehow? Our Gifts You Can Personalise guide has lots of ideas on how you can personalise products, but remember to always be original.

You can find more advice on how to create custom orders and personalised products here >


4. Get your work out there

Closer to the event there are lots of Valentine-themed gift guides around the internet which you can ask to be considered for. Don’t be shy, tweet us or send us your suggestions here or get in touch with people like the lovely James and Josephine at who regularly showcase work from UK makers. You will need great, clear images of your work to stand the best chance.

It’s also a great idea to get to know your favourite bloggers. Twitter is great for them. Introduce them to your new work, send them a sample or some really great images, or consider an offer for buyers that they would be willing to promote for you – maybe a special discount code or competition? Bloggers are always on the look-out for great content, so if you’ve got it, flaunt it! What’s the worst that can happen?

Top tip: Create a Valentine-themed wish list on Pinterest and tell us about it. If it’s really good, we might feature it in our gift guides or even in our newsletter. Here’s how >


5. Update your descriptions and offer extras

Make sure your images are attractive. Describe your product clearly, with measurements and sizes included. Then add a little personality to your listing – part of the beauty of buying handmade is knowing whose hands have made it.

There are always going to be some last-minute buyers. Make it easy for them to get it right. Think about altering your postal options to include express delivery. Consider offering the item gift-wrapped and if you happen to know someone that makes gift cards, consider bundling your items together in a Valentine’s Pack. You’ll be thanked for it!


Featured image: Lovebirds Earrings by Claire Gent



Claire Gent, British jewellery

Case Study: Claire Gent

Claire Gent designs contemporary jewellery, specialising in silver and hand-painted aluminium.
Inspired by the natural world, her pieces often involve woodland and flower motifs, which she sells from her Folksy shop.

✓  Think about how many pieces you want to offer and make sure you offer different price points.

✓  Your designs should be original and reflect your style.
If you’re going to use something obvious like a heart, apply your own spin on it to make it stand out.

✓  If you’re pushed for time, could you tweak some of your current designs?
I simply renamed one of my pendants ‘Lovebirds Necklace’ – it worked a treat!

✓  Once you have your beautifully made product, it’s important you present it well.
You could include a subtle prop next to it: a red rose or poetry print are classic examples.



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