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Bullseye Marketing – Sell More Crafts by Clearly Defining Your Target Audience


When you make a decision to sell crafts and designs online you need to clearly define a target market so that you can successfully market your work. In this post we look at how to use bullseye marketing and what it means.

We hear the expression ‘target market’ lots when reading marketing tips. We think that when you think of the word ‘target’ it helps to visualise an actual target with a bullseye and imagine your marketing strategy is represented by the arrows you have in your quiver. With each post and promotion you want to hit that bullseye.


Why is it so important to define your market so precisely?


Following search engine optimisation tips (SEO) and social networking tips without having first defined who might want to buy your crafts and designs is a bit like firing your marketing arrows with a blindfold on.  You will waste time and in some cases money if you don’t do your market research first.

When you aim all of your arrows at the bullseye and not just generally in the  direction of the whole target you will start to really connect with influencers and sell more of your products.

This list of questions will hopefully help you to make a start on finding your bullseye.  Once you have that sussed you are ready to fire your arrows and look at the advice that we have for social networking and our tips on SEO for craft sellers.

Questions to help you define your target market

  • How old are they?
  • Male or Female?
  • Marital Status?
  • Number and Age of Kids?
  • Where do they live?
  • How much do they earn?
  • What do they do for a living (professional, student, retired)

The above questions only tell you ‘what’ they are – their demographic profile.  You need to dig deeper to create the bullseye profile for your potential customers. Why they will they buy from you, what need or desire does your particular product fill?

  • Who do they care about?
    Babies, Toddlers, family, Best Friends, Dogs?
  • What do they care about? 
    Looking sexy, Finding a new boyfriend, holidays, the latest technology, global warming, their pyjama time?
  • What are their ambitions and dreams?
    To own a sports car, to work with kids, to find Mr Right, to lose weight?
  • What kind of personality do they have?  50 year female dentists who live in London are not all going to have the same personality.  Define your market by their character and not just by age and occupation.

 What will this help to tell you in practical terms?

  • Where to find them online – what magazines and blogs do they they read. Could you network with a blogger that you have identified as appealing to your market and arrange a giveaway of your latest design? (see our post on running online competitions)
  • Which social media channels and forums they use most – there’s no point spending hours on Facebook marketing when your 20 something year old buyer spends 90% of their time on Instagram.  Look to influencers you have identified and see where they have the best traction and engagement with their audiences.
  • How to speak to your potential buyer – what tone and voice will you use?  There’s a fabulous article by Stephanie Schwab on finding your brand’s voice and tone. You might find it helpful to think of some descriptive words for how you will address your audience as in this chart.



We have lots more helpful tips for selling craft online, check out all of our seller tips and join us on Tuesday nights for our #FolksyHour Twitter chat where we discuss ideas for generating more traffic and making more sales in your craft shops.

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Image credit – Bee Necklace by Foxes and Fables

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