The best Instagram hashtags for craft and handmade

best Instagram hashtags for craft handmade and makers

Instagram hashtags for craft and handmade

Instagram is one of the best social media channels for designers and makers because it’s so visual. Pictures rule… and great pictures are King. As long as you have really good pictures, then people will want to follow you and see what you’re up to. But if great pictures are King, then hashtags are their ambassadors. They’re the ones travelling the world telling people about you and making sure you’re seen in all the right places. They also introduce you to new people – follow a hashtag and it will take you to all sorts of new and interesting places.

If you haven’t used hashtags on Instagram before, take some time to explore them and find your favourites. Once you understand how to use them properly, hashtags will help you get your pictures out to a bigger audience than just the people who already follow you, and will lead you to discover amazing things and even more amazing people all across the world who you can connect with and bring into your ‘tribe’.

If you’re still not sure what a hashtag is or how to use it read this.

We started you off with a few Instagram hashtags in this post and there are so many broad ones out there – think #papercraft, #fabricaddict #textileart #sewingroom – but here’s our round-up of the most interesting and inspiring hashtags specifically for craft and handmade…


Top Instagram hashtags for craft and handmade



#wipsandblooms is a lovely hashtag full of beautiful handmade work and flowers. What could be better? It’s run by Katie Robbins from @ceramicmagpie (who also has a shop on Folksy) and Kate from @aplayfulday. As well as just being a pretty tag, #wipsandblooms is also an Instagram challenge (sometimes with prizes) – to join in you’ll need to post pics of your works in progress (wips) alongside some blooms, tag them #wipsandblooms and follow the hosts, as well as the guest judge when there is one.



Inspiredbynature_ is a very popular hashtag run by another Folksy seller, jeweller Kate Harvey from Grace and Flora (read our Meet the Maker interview with Kate here > Meet Gracie Flo Jewellery – creating jewellery inspired by nature). There are currently over 15k posts on the tag, and it’s a lovely hashtag for any makers creating pieces inspired by the natural world.


Too pretty to eat off! @kellyventuradesign #craftsposure

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#craftsposure is a huge hashtag that thousands of designers and makers use to share their work. It was started by Craftsposure (who would have guessed?), and they regularly feature their favourite posts on their feed. Their feed is fresh, modern and bright so bear that in mind if you want them to feature you.


Yarn chicken fail 🐓 #99problems

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#crochetgirlgang is a place to share and celebrate your crochet achievements (or fails!), expand your own crochet gang and be inspired by all the incredible crochet going on right now. It’s the creation of Emma from @potterandbloom, a self-confessed introvert and yellow-obsessed crochet designer, who also runs @crochetgirlgang, along with Emma Friedlander-Collins from @steelandstitch, where they feature their favourite #crochetgirlgang posts. You can read more about the tag and how to get featured in this blog post.


Throwback to when #luciemaud was the littlest potter ever!! 😻

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#makersworkshop does pretty much what it says on the tin (full of the prettiest shades of paint, naturally). It’s one of the best hashtags for sharing pictures of your workshop. It’s also one of our favourites because we love a good snoop around a studio. Use it to share photos of your entire workspace or just the tidy corners :)



#creativelifehappylife – again a pretty self-explanatory tag, but one full of sketchbooks and joy. It’s a massively popular hashtag so it’s not easy to get your pics into the ‘Top Posts’ bit. But although your posts will probably only show up for a short time in the tag feed, if they’re good they might make it on to @creativelife_happylife.



#createmakeshare is a hashtag for sharing your craft projects, DIYs, sewing projects or recipes (old or new). It’s run by Heather from @HeatherYoungUK, Anthea from @ZingZingTree and Emma from @KidsCraftRoom. There’s a different theme every month so check their accounts to see the latest challenge.


Zip heaven [or more likely zip hell] on the desk this morning. Prepping some new products and samples! ✌️

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#feelingfolksy is our own tag and it’s our little baby. We started it as a way to get everyone sharing their love of craft and making. You can use it to share whatever’s got you “feeling folksy” that day – maybe something you’re working on, an inspiring exhibition or craft fair you’ve been to, or a new craft skill you’re learning. We’ve got plans for this one, so keep on tagging…



#myworkwall is a lovely hashtag. It’s one where you show the things you have around you when you work – the things that you tack up on to your wall with pieces of washi tape to inspire you while you’re making. It’s very specific and we love it all the more for that.


Still so pretty ~ every bathroom should have posies 💐💐💐 can't quite believe it's Thursday already, nearly the weekend and never ending list of jobs to do ~ enjoy your day whatever you are up to xxx

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#freestylecreativeliving was started by The People Shop founder @alisonsadler and although it isn’t strictly a craft hashtag (there’s Alison’s other hugely popular hashtag #makeitsewcial for that), we’ve included it here because it’s about living creatively without any rules – in your own style. It’s about confidence, creativity and inspiration. This is one for your lifestyle pics not your makes.


Hashtags to keep as a note on your smartphone

We’ve listed all the top hashtags here plus some more of our favourites, so you can copy and paste them into your smartphone as a note – that way they’ll close at hand when you’re posting your pics on Instagram. BUT resist the temptation to use them all as they lose their magic powers them and you’ll end up looking spammy and annoying people. So have a look through the tag feeds and get to know each one intimately – what does it mean, who runs it, what kind of photos do people post on it, which posts are the most popular, is there a certain style running through the posts on the tag…

Only use hashtags that are relevant to the picture you post!

Some of our favourite Instagram hashtags:

Other hashtags for makers:

Other nice hashtags:

Folksy hashtags

#folksy – the general hashtag for all things Folksy
#feelingfolksy – anything that’s got you feeling creative
#myfolksy – nice things you’ve bought on Folksy looking lovely in your own house… or on yourself!
#studiofolksy – your studio or workspace
#folksywip – your work in progress
#wearefolksy  – tell the world about yourself on our brand new hashtag – read all about it here
#isellonfolksy – a new hashtag started by our makers to share their most popular items (as revealed in their shop activity)

If you’re got any other hashtags you’d like us to include, let us know in the comments below!


Thanks to Flora from @theroundwindow, Heather from @HeatherYoungUK and Sara from MeandOrla for helping us compile this list. Featured image inks and tools by Emma Lawrenson. Read more about printmaker Emma Lawrenson in our Meet the Maker interview




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