The official Folksy tote bags and bumper stickers – revealed!

Folksy Tote Bags, Bumper Stickers

We are beyond excited to *finally* be able to reveal the new Folksy tote bags and car bumper stickers! These bags and stickers have been ages in the making, but we definitely think they’re worth the wait. So here are the, frankly glorious, winning designs. We’ve got a lot of the crafts covered, with the final designs including illustration, block printing, embroidery, letterpress and graphic design. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Folksy Tote Bags

The three official Folksy tote bags

We were genuinely blown away by the standard of entries, which made it really tricky to choose. So after lots of discussion (and tea!) we narrowed it down to the three designs we thought best represented Folksy, showed what we’re about and worked best as screen-prints. But it turned out to be physically impossible to choose just one winning design from our shortlist, so we went with all three!

We loved the simple graphic illustrations on Nicky from The Catkin Boutique‘s design, which we felt really captured all the ingredients that go into Folksy and the skills and tools Folksy sellers have mastered. We also couldn’t resist the ‘folksy’ feel of Catherine McGinniss‘ super-cool print, and the idea that Folksy is filled with the dreams of thousands of creative minds and talented hands. Then when Hannah Madden‘s hand-printed design came through our postbox, we fell in love all over again – the bird of craft had landed and we were smitten!

The designs are now all being sent off to the very awesome Awesome Merchandise to be screen-printed – but you can preorder yours today! We’re only doing an initial print run of 50 of each tote, so if you’d like to have a limited-edition Folksy tote on your arm, you’ll need to be quick!

By buying a Folksy tote, not only will you help us spread the word about Folksy by taking them out into the world, you’ll also help us pay for more marketing as half of the profits will go into our tell-the-world-about-Folksy piggy bank – the other 50% is going straight to the Folksy sellers who designed them as a thank you for being so talented. Scroll down to read more about their designs and inspiration.

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Folksy bumper stickers

The three official Folksy car bumper stickers

We love the idea of people driving around the country with Folksy on their bumpers, but choosing the right ones wasn’t a walk in the park. They need to be visible from a distance but still tell drivers and passers-by something about Folksy – no mean feat. We all loved the sentiment behind Tom Boulton’s letterpress design – Folksy is a place made by the designers and makers who sell here and we’re really proud to be a community of people who want to help and support each other. So that went straight into our yes list! Fiona T submitted a whole range of tongue-in-cheek slogans along with her beautifully embroidered Folksy logo. In end we decided not to go with ‘my other shop is an Etsy’ and plumped for ‘Honk if you love handmade’ instead ;) For the third bumper sticker, we wanted to keep it simple with the Folksy logo and some love-heart balloons. We think all three stickers work brilliantly together, and we can’t wait to cover our cars with them!

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Runners up

A special mention goes to Louise from Brightize Designs, Victoria Brewer and Sara from Heartshaped. We all loved their designs (below) and although we haven’t used them this time, we’d love to find a way of featuring them. We’ve put together a page of more designs that didn’t quite make it, as they’re too good not to share – click here to see them.

Brightize sticker




More about the winning designs…

Catkin Boutique tote bag

The Tools That Make Folksy tote bag
by Nicky from The Catkin Boutique

“For this tote I took the elements of my Makers Gonna Make temporary tattoo design, and included a range of tools and materials used for crafting. Inspired by the Folksy logo, I simplified the tool shapes and made the outlines overlap each other like the letters do. I used the Union flag colours of red and blue, which stand out nicely against a plain tote background.”

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catherine mcginniss tote bag

Folksy – Filled with Dreams tote bag
by Catherine McGinniss

“I really wanted to capture the idea of what Folksy means to me: the joy of making creative items with my hands, that then brings happiness to someone else. I had the idea, then, to make the Folksy tote something that people can fill with their dreams – dreams sometimes being an item that you or someone else wants. But also by buying something from Folksy, you are also helping someone else with their dream and enabling creative people to work creatively.

“As I’m an illustrator, once I have an idea I draw and sketch imagery to bring more understanding to words or to trigger other ideas. So for the Folksy tote I felt the combination of the word ‘dreams’ with images of hands, wool, sewing needle and tools, helps trigger the idea that dreams can be handmade things.”

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Hannah Madden

The Pigeon Messenger (Bird of Craft) tote bag
by Hannah Madden

“I’m delighted that my design was chosen and grateful that a platform like Folksy is there to support our work. My design ‘The Pigeon Messenger’ was inspired by a block print I created for a Christmas card design a few years ago which I called ‘Christmas Dove’. It had a folklore style about it and I wanted to recreate a similar sort of style and feel for Folksy, reflecting craft elements which included everyday working hand tools. The bird is delivering an envelope and the heart signifies that the gift has been lovingly selected but also created by a maker who has hand crafted it with time and love.

“For me, Folksy promotes and stands for quality British, artistically created craft-based products, made by sellers who are passionate about their work and personally attached to it. You don’t just buy a unique product; you’re investing in the creator/maker directly. Folksy is a platform where you can purchase items that are lovingly dreamed up, designed and made with patience and pride, away from the more common practices of easily computer engineered, mass-produced environments. It’s honest, creative and inspiring.

“Spread the word – support independent artists and crafts people who are proud to be Folksy sellers.”

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Tom Boulton, Letterpress,

Nice Things From Nice Folks bumper sticker
by Tom Boulton

“Being a type designer and letterpress printer, the first thing I look for is words, so when designing the bumper sticker I instantly wanted to create a phrase that summed up what Folksy is about – independent people making and selling things they love. I came up with the phrase ‘Nice things from nice folks.’ It felt nice to say and I really like the word ‘folks’, so I went with this.

“I wanted to keep the design clean and bold but also show some of the process and materials behind letterpress printing. So I decided to keep the type very simple printing in black ink but inking only lightly to keep the grain and detail and texture of the wood in the print. I then printed the spacing wood that’s used during printing – incorporating this into the design. I wanted to give the design a real feeling of how it was made and the materials that are used – in this case the type and spacing are both very old wood which have the dents and damage that comes from being used year in and year out.”

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Fiona T, Folksy Bumper Sticker

Honk If You Love Handmade bumper sticker
by Fiona T

“I wanted to come up with a design that was representative of my work: bright and colourful, contrasting with softer florals, using appliqué techniques and freehand machine embroidery. The union flag is a reference to Folksy’s, and my own, commitment to selling and buying quality handmade British items. The “honk if you love handmade” slogan is a tongue-in-cheek nod to clichéd bumper stickers the world over!”

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Awesome screen printed tote bags

A million thanks need to go to Awesome Merchandise who are helping us support British designers and makers by printing the bags and stickers!


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