Be part of our campaign to Celebrate Handmade – how you can join in

We want to celebrate everything that’s special about handmade, so while everyone is rushing around doing their Christmas shopping we’d love you to help us shout loud about handmade. We want to get people thinking about what they buy, who they buy from and how products are made. Craft skills need to be cherished, valued and passed down from generation to generation to keep them alive. Each and every one of us can help secure the future of craft by choosing to buy genuine handmade work, direct from the maker.

That’s why, from now right through to the end of 2016 and beyond we’ll be sharing reasons to love handmade using the #celebrate_handmade hashtag. Please join in and help us spread the message. Read how you can take part below – it’s really easy!

The UK is currently in the middle of a craft revival, spurred on by independent design fairs, bespoke pop-ups and online marketplaces like Folksy.

The Guardian Weekend, 19.11.16


Hand-knitted Fair Isle Blanket, Selvage, Celebrate handmade,

Knitted Fair Isle Blanket by Rachel Collins from Selvage

Join our campaign! Here’s how…

If you’d like to celebrate handmade with us, you can join in by doing any or all of these things:

  1. Share the reasons you love handmade across social media using the #celebrate_handmade hashtag
  2. Tell people how you make your products – what skills you need to create them and how you learned them
  3. Explain what makes handmade special
  4. Share the reasons why your products make a difference to the world – do you use eco-friendly materials, are they locally sourced, are you continuing a craft tradition?
  5. Tell people what craft means to you
  6. Shout loud about why buying something made by hand with love and skill is a good thing
  7. Share any of the graphics we’ve created with your followers, adding the #celebrate_handmade hashtag to your tweets, or Instagram and Facebook posts
  8. Create your own graphics or images to celebrate handmade


To make it super simple we’ve even created a tweet for you – just click below and fill in your reason!

Click to tweet, celebrate handmade
Tell the world why we should all celebrate handmade

Then, starting on Black Friday and all through the Christmas period and into 2017, we will share as many of your reasons to celebrate handmade as possible. So please help us tell the world why we should all #celebrate_handmade.

celebrate-handmade, sarah papworth

Illustrated card by Sarah Papworth from Beetroot Press

Why buy handmade?

Each handmade item is about people, not machines. It’s about the skill of each maker and the magic of their imagination.

Tash Goswami

If you need some inspiration, this blog post has loads of reasons why buying handmade is a good thing and loads of great graphics to share too. Click here to read it.

Why buy handmade

Rock Rose Jewellery, Celebrate Handmade

Button and Bobbin Crafter’s Necklace by Rock Rose Jewellery


Why Buy Handmade, Clare Lloyd

Handmade Necklace by Clare Lloyd Jewellery



Screen-printed shoulder bag by Mellybee


Why buy handmade

Maine Coon Original Linoprint by Little Ram Studio


Handmade is forever

Blue Glazed Stoneware Pottery Beaker by Little Wren Pottery


Support Local Makers, Celebrate Handmade

Handmade Artisan Apron by A Dog Like Sparky


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  • November 23, 2016

    Kath Heywood

    Fab idea, full of positivity. Last year I refused to join in with Black Friday but stated that my policy was to sell fair priced items all year round.