Shop update: number of items sold

Number of items sold update

This week we have made a small change to the way the number of items sold is displayed in your Folksy shop. Previously, the number of items sold was displayed underneath the shop banner, and would appear on every shop after the first sale. Now the number of sales will only display once a seller has reached 50 or more sales.

If a shop has fewer than 50 sales, there will be a link to ‘view sold items’ (see image below). If a shop has had 50 or more sales, this link will also display the number of items in brackets eg ‘view sold items (366)’.

enamel jewellery,

Above: To support new sellers or sellers still building their business on Folksy, no sales tally will show until 50 sales 

sasha garrett, handmade jewellery,

Above: Once a shop reaches 50 sales, the number of sales will automatically be displayed (in brackets) underneath the shop banner. 

All sellers will still be able to see their total number of sales on the Statistics page of their seller dashboard. 

We have introduced this change based on feedback from new sellers that having a low number of sales displayed prominently can be demoralising, especially while building a business. We have also had feedback from makers who sell on elsewhere online that they are sometimes reluctant to open a Folksy shop, make it their primary selling platform or promote their Folksy shop on social media due to concerns a low sales count may put off potential customers or stockists.

We also know that some of the factors that influence people’s buying decisions are perception, reputation and feedback. If people perceive that a brand, or in this case a maker, is popular and their products are in high demand, they are more likely to purchase. Conversely, if a seller has had very few sales it can lead the customer to feel less confident about ordering from them. With this in mind, we are also working towards introducing a clearer and better reviews system on Folksy.

We hope this update will benefit new and smaller sellers, while also allowing more established sellers to proudly show their success.

Featured sellers: 830 Degrees and Sasha Garrett




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