wedding cake topper, all you need is love cake topper, funkylaser

All you need is love winner

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition to win an über-glam “All You Need Is Love” Cake Topper by FunkyLaser. We put all your entries in our magical number machine, wiggled it about a bit, and pulled out a winner…

wedding competition, win a cake topper, all you need is love, wedding cake topper, funkylaser

Win a wedding cake topper!

Something old, something new, something won, something blue (or red or pink or lilac)… as the saying doesn’t quite go. But it could, if…


Who are the winners?

So who are the winners of our Paper Cut competition? Well now… that would be Emma (The Sparkly Fairy), Katherine Sheldon and Claire Crouchley. HUGE congratulations to the three of…