Meet the Maker

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Meet the Maker… Jules Hogan

Jules Hogan describes herself as a ‘gatherer’, constantly picking up inspiration from the world around her – the colours in lichen-covered rocks, geometric repeats in architecture, palettes from interwar art, patterns from patchwork quilts and weaving. We spoke to Jules about her influences, background and workspace…

hedgehog pin cushion, little birdy

Meet the Maker: Little Birdy

The bright, original, illustrative work of Little Birdy has completely captured our hearts. All the colourful creations are the work of one determined Little Bird enthusiastically crafting in Bristol. We spoke to her about her inspiration and caught a glimpse of her sketchbook and her garden studio nest…

Chatty Nora, Meet the Maker, interview

Meet the Maker… Chatty Nora

From her studio in the wilds of Yorkshire, Jane Tibbetts (or rather her alter-ego Chatty Nora) draws and prints a wonderful world of words where Dr Seuss mingles with Jane Austen, William Shakespeare and IT Crowd. We talked to her about her life and inspirations, while trying not to swoon over her new, envy-inducing, studio, screen-printing press and architect’s plan chest…