Meet the Maker

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Meet the Maker: Jenny Gilbert

The jewellery Jenny Gilbert makes is simple and elegant, with spare but beautiful detailing. Her current collection sets the darkness of oxidised silver against the purity of pearls, but after spending seven months travelling and working in Nepal, her next collection is taking a different direction.

Meet the Maker: Alison Deegan

Alison Deegan describes herself as a day-time archeologist, night-time printmaker and mum at all times. We talked to Alison about her evocative work and the parallels between her daytime job uncovering archeological features in landscapes and her artistic reconstruction of nature through printmaking…

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Meet the Maker: Caren Barry

Caren Barry is one of the upcoming names in British surface pattern design. Her distinctive, pretty illustrations are modern with a hint of nostalgia, perfectly matched by her delicate pastel colour palette. We spoke to Caren about her life, her home, her love of flowers and her collection of decorative owls…