Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker: Mellybee

Meet the Maker: Mellybee One of the most recognisable brands on Folksy is Mellybee, where quirky, naive and playful graphics abound, and just about everything makes you smile. We…

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Meet the Maker: Nicola Rutt

When she’s not leading a team at one of Britain’s foremost architecture practices, Nicola Rutt gets her hands dirty throwing ceramics in Hoxton. We discovered how designing buildings compares with working in clay and learned how, for Nicola, the Modernist principles of function and proportion are a constant in both her architectural work and in her ceramics…

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Meet the Maker: Ginger Pickle

Jade Murray from Ginger Pickle designs playful animal jewellery that appeals to every animal lover looking for a mini penguin or French bulldog to carry with them at all times. We talked to Jade about her wooden creatures, her fine art background and her range of inspirational art prints…

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Meet the Maker: Jenny Gilbert

The jewellery Jenny Gilbert makes is simple and elegant, with spare but beautiful detailing. Her current collection sets the darkness of oxidised silver against the purity of pearls, but after spending seven months travelling and working in Nepal, her next collection is taking a different direction.