Meet the Maker

bear cushions, pygmy cloud

Meet the Maker: Pygmy Cloud

Weather-obsessed duo Pygmy Cloud share their east London studio with a brood of grumpy bears, countless clouds and stacks of sunshine. Their graphic, playful…

Silver Swallow Earrings, Swallow Studs, Silver, UK

Meet the Maker… Frinn

Catherine Hicks makes beautiful, delicate jewellery which she sells through her label Frinn. The ideas for her work come from a compilation of her…

patchwork cushion, knitted, textiles,

Meet the Maker… Jules Hogan

Jules Hogan describes herself as a ‘gatherer’, constantly picking up inspiration from the world around her – the colours in lichen-covered rocks, geometric repeats in architecture, palettes from interwar art, patterns from patchwork quilts and weaving. We spoke to Jules about her influences, background and workspace…