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Selvage, Rachel Collins interview

Shop Talk: Rachel Collins from Selvage

Rachel Collins is a knitwear designer who describes herself as “a better maker and designer than I am a salesperson”, so selling her work directly through Folksy and wholesale through a small selection of shops up suits her perfectly. We caught up with Rachel to find out more about her business, Selvage.

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Shop Talk: More Tea, Vicar?

Great quality and clear photo’s are an absolute must. A good cohesive, recognisable shop and of course, you must have well designed and well made pieces. Not forgetting good customer service. Word of mouth is great, if you have a happy customer, there’s no telling how many people they will recommend your shop to. Hopefully they will keep coming back to your shop themselves.

Shop Talk, Hole in My Pocket, Folksy Seller

Shop Talk: Hole in My Pocket

Allistair Burt of Hole in my Pocket found it initially difficult to promote himself – ‘its hard to talk enthusiastically about something I’ve made and I found it easier to talk about “we” as a collective working under that HIMP banner. I found I was more capable of highlighting things I was proud of under the cover of a collective term’. We talked to Allistair to find out more about his work and his achievements…

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Shop Talk: Chez Beccy

Textile designer Chez Beccy thinks that determination is key to making a successful business. Learning self-promotion, product shots and more. Life as a maker is never dull…

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Shop Talk: Gwin Kerry

Although jeweller Gwin Kerry admits talking about her work “is nerve-wracking at times”, she has found the most successful way to promote her work is by interacting with people at events and online…