What is Folksy Friday and how can I join in?

what is Folksy Friday,

What is Folksy Friday and how can I join in?

So what is Folksy Friday?

Every Friday we want YOU, the good folk of Folksy, to help us spread the word about all the amazing handmade items on Folksy by creating and sharing a Folksy Friday post on your blog, Instagram account or as a Pinterest board. You could also do it on your Facebook page and share on Twitter too.

To create your own Folksy Friday, choose a theme – it could be a colour, a mood, seasonal stuff, a niche craft, or anything you can think of. Then find a selection of lovely things from folksy.com that fit your theme and share them. There are no hard and fast rules, just be creative, think of a catchy title and post it on a Friday!

See these examples of other Folksy Friday blog posts:

Garden Birds Folksy Friday by I Am Acrylic

Summer Days Folksy Friday by Kirsti Brown

Yellow Folksy Friday by Gemma Esprey

I’m Feline A Lot of Love by Sally and the Freckles

Gin! Folksy Friday Pinterest Board by Big Bird Little Bird

Folksy Friday Bunting by Hippie Otter Designs

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Folksy Friday, papercut by Gemma Esprey

Folksy Friday papercut by Gemma Esprey

I don’t have a blog, can I still join in?

Yes! We’d love you to join in. If you don’t have a blog, why not create a collage of your favourite Folksy finds on a theme using an app like Moldiv or Canva and share it on Instagram. Or create a Pinterest board and pin nice things from other Folksy sellers that fit your theme.

The idea is to be as creative and as generous as possible (not just post your own links!). So if you can think of other ways to share the incredible things being made by Folksy designers and makers, go for it!

Folksy Fridays can be made on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and anywhere else you can display images with clear links back to the sellers’ shops.

We’re always looking for people to create Folksy Friday posts for our blog too. Just email community@folksy.co.uk and let us know you’re interested.


I’m not great on social media – is there another way I can join in?

Yes! You can also join in with Folksy Friday on the Folksy forums. We’ll post a different theme on there every Friday morning, and you can join in by posting a product from another Folksy seller that fits that theme. See, there’s something for everyone :)

Click here to see this week’s Folksy Friday theme on the forum >


Is there anything else do I need to do?

Don’t forget to link to and message each seller you’ve included in your #folksyfriday post to let them know they’ve been featured. If they then share your Folksy Friday, that’s a great way to get your blog, shop and social channels noticed by their followers too – as well as being a brilliant way to get involved with the Folksy community.

Tag all your Instagram posts or tweets with the #folksyfriday hashtag when you share them so we can see (and share!) them all. Why not post a link on the in the Folksy Forum too – you can add it here.

Pic credit: Badger by Silverpasta