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Free calendar for May 2016

Every month we bring you a free calendar, designed by a fabulous Folksy seller. Here is your calendar for May 2016! It’s been designed by Hannah Bailey from HB Illustration and is inspired by the gardens of the Chelsea Flower Show.

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Sheena Spacey, folk art, folk artist,

The folk art of Sheena Spacey

Artist Sheena Spacey’s folk art ceramics and paintings are an antidote to the high-speed world we inhabit. They’re innocent, simple and reassuring. Sheena tells us more about her folk art and inspirations.

silverhares, diane lee, handmade jewellery, jewellery, british jeweller

Meet British jeweller Diane Lee from SilverHares

British jeweller Diane Lee from SilverHares started making jewellery as an antidote to her job as a designer of mass-produced garden planters. The jewellery she now creates could hardly be further away from the factory line – it is detailed, intricate and considered.