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Shop Talk: Hole in My Pocket

Allistair Burt of Hole in my Pocket found it initially difficult to promote himself – ‘its hard to talk enthusiastically about something I’ve made and I found it easier to talk about “we” as a collective working under that HIMP banner. I found I was more capable of highlighting things I was proud of under the cover of a collective term’. We talked to Allistair to find out more about his work and his achievements…

Trends : Space Oddity

For this month’s trend report we hitched a ride on board the Mollie Makes space rocket, and journeyed to the stars and back again in search of the best galactic finds across Folksy.

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Shop Talk: Chez Beccy

Textile designer Chez Beccy thinks that determination is key to making a successful business. Learning self-promotion, product shots and more. Life as a maker is never dull…

Meet our Makers

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Meet the Maker – Rachel Collins

I started my business at the beginning of an financial downturn so ideas of social and economic sustainability were at the forefront of my mind. There is real comfort and reassurance to be found in age old traditions that have been passed down the generations. I think a lot of people feel the same way and I hope that continues, it can only be good for the UK economy. I hope my love of tradition and British materials shows through in the work.

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Meet the Maker: More Tea, Vicar?

I wanted to be a knitwear designer in my twenties, but the time wasn’t right. Then about four years ago I knitted a tea cosy for a housewarming gift for a friend, who was also opening a shop in London. She loved it and asked me to knit some items for her to stock and it went on from there. I then discovered Folksy and haven’t looked back.

Allistair Burt, Hole in My Pocket, Folksy Seller, Meet the Maker Interview

Meet the Maker – Hole in My Pocket

Allistair Burt from Hole in My Pocket is a man who never sleeps. We grabbed him in between packing up orders and travelling to Russia to find out more about his varied career…