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Gestation periods are usually predictable. Hamsters take around 16 days. They’re quick. The MySociety chaps knock out stuff at a ferocious pace. They’re the hamsters. Elephants have the longest gestation period of any land mammal. We’re the elephant of the web world having said that we’d be launching around this time last year. But trying to take some positives from this, elephants are pretty cool. They have laudable characteristics… good matriarchal social structures and er, big feet. We’ve got excuses for not being hamsters of course. In this horribly long gestation we’ve done a bunch of other things, as well as working to develop Folksy.

And so here we are 12mths after our near birth. We’re having a go again. The baby is moving. It’s moving largely because CJ and Russell have been pushing and prodding [can I take this metaphor too far…?]. Thank you. The due date is the 5th July to tie in with the New Designers event in London where 2000 graduates will be standing and smiling, mainly. We’ll be working with some of them and kicking off what will be a *proper* beta launch which will run until London Design Week where we’ll be doing ‘stuff’. A bunch of stuff actually. And this will be the more formal public launch.

We’ll be posting with far greater frequency. However, if you want to chat or find out more then email james at folksy dot co dot uk :)

UPDATE: just confirmed, we’ll be running workshops in a big tent at Lovebox, July 19th 20th in Victoria Park. We’ll post up what we’ll be making and who’ll be helping us next week.

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spugmeistress June 17, 2008 - 3:33 pm

cool! glad to hear things are progressing, been keeping an eye on you guys ;)
my friend marc is exhibiting at new designers too, so it might be a good excuse to come and see what you are up to!
rach =)

JamesB June 17, 2008 - 3:33 pm

Hey, thanks Rach. Loving your pacman earrings! We’re not exhibiting at New Designers but we’re going to be there for a few days meeting and talk folksy stuff with all the exhibitors. We want to invite some to be part of the beta and the initial test phase prior to the full launch. We’ll be doing a guerilla award too :) When will you be there?

jennifer :: themakelounge June 17, 2008 - 3:33 pm

Cute elephants. :)

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