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Becoming part of the web

by admin

my crap spider web drawing

One of the things we always bat on about is how we [and our work clients] should be embedded into the web and not just sat on it. So, we’re eating our own dog food and trying to be far more integrated. Woohoo! If you have the inclination to you can find us on some of the web services that litter the www.

For our travels and tours we’re using dopplr. We like to travel but so far we’re struggling to have the kind of ‘international jet set’ life [and the carbon footprint] dopplr seems to support so well. Still, we’ll put the trips to Weymouth, Burnley and Bristol up there in the hope we’ll be seen by some business class consumers. Flickr is obviously our visual repository and probably the place we’ll be busiest in the coming weeks as we explore some of the wonderful craft and design groups. del.icio.us is our home of all general linkage and we’ll be looking to aggregate some of the tags and blog them as and when. “GetFolksy” is going to be our moniker generally for all things web, so if you’re ever on something and you wonder if we are then use that name [although having now said that some punk is sure to do a quick land grab!]. If we’re not there and you think we should be then please tell us. Thanking you kindly.


We’re now twittering our mundanities here. The latest startling intimate revelation being: “so wishing I hadn’t bought that without testing it first”. Solid! And of course nothing to do with the site release at all but the far more important battery powered mobile top-up thingy which rather than provide any juice to said mobile just got insanely hot and powered a red LED. More poor decisions broadcast soon.

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matt July 1, 2008 - 1:45 pm

If I had my way Dopplr would be as much use if not more use to “The Train Set” – which I’m aspiring to… Am working on it! Also you’ve got a broken link to your twitter account… ;-)

jamesb July 1, 2008 - 1:45 pm

Link fixed. Detail never a strong point. :)
We could perhaps do with a dopplr pro and a dopplr por [gettit?]. The strapline for the latter being “walk, cycle, run, choo-choo” and the former, “fly, drive, sail”.

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