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Running the Rule[r] over New Designers

by admin

Well that seemed to go well. We were at New Designers today saying hello to people. Hello! And giving out our calling card lovingly designed by the people at Love [thanks Kat, Jonathan]. You can see it below although the image doesn’t do it justice, taken as it was from my battered camera phone.

ruler 2

ruler 1

You can’t make out the text so I’ll repeat it here:

Knit, cast, scult, cut, sketch, carve, sew, buy, sell, go!

Folksy wants to shake up craft and design and have some fun doing it. We’re starting with folksy.com; where graduates can showcase and sell their work, exposing it to a wide audience of customers and brands. To make the site as good as possible we’d like to get some people using it and giving us their feedback. If you help us out we;ll invite you to be part of our full launch at London Design Week. Go to folksy.com for the full details

So, there you go. Just noticed that Wayne Hemingway is on the front page of New Designers. People have confused me for him [presumably not him for me?] in the past. Perhaps that’s why it went so well. I’m being mistaken for a C4 Big Breakfast presenter and shed designer. Must keep that up.

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