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Well the Design Week competition seems to have gone down well. Two bits of feedback that you have given us though is that the timescale is too short and the brief is too, well, er ‘sporty’. Nothing we can do about the timings, it is short notice and that’s because we only got agreement late in the day. Next time around we’ll have longer lead times. The brief. There may be something we can do here. You don’t need to be Theo Walcott (or even know who he is) to entertain the brief.

What David from howies is driving at is simplicity; away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday. howies chose to interpret the very same brief in their 2008 clothing range and they’re just clothes. Take a look. It’s an attitude. So go have a play and make what you think fits.

Here are two examples that are already up on the list of things that have been submitted:



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jennifer September 11, 2008 - 3:56 pm

Life is complicated. Running shoes + feet + motion makes life altogether simple again. Thank you for the reminder from this lapsed runner. Have been spending too much time creating/crafting lately. ;) I think the thinking behind the brief is great – but then again I save all my Howies catalogues and re-read them. :)

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