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We can see the finishing line of the howies competition. Have a look to see what people have submitted and if you’re planning to enter then get your skates on, howies will be choosing their favourite items for the shortlist tomorrow lunchtime.

Iris and Lily have this lovely apron in for the comp. Good innit?

And then we have this by lusummers.

How cool is that? This should be on the shopping list of every husband / boyfriend in the land but I rather think it’s more likely to be on the shopping list of mums / girlfriends and a welcome present from RELATE:

‘a day in the life’ is the rambling monologue of a housewife (not a million miles from myself ;) juggling with household chores and sorting out the kids, answering the phone while cooking dinner and worrying about the economy – but at the end of the day when the jobs are done, you can escape from everyday worries by going for a run, a bike ride or for a swim – where you’re alone to think stuff through or think of nothing at all – and certainly not about the phonebill or the mountain of ironing that needs doing.

I think if Lu wins we should organise for that money to go straight into a spa treatment and a day away from the dog sick.

So, this is where the stuff will end up. We’ll be collating the shortlisted items and secreting them around the Carnaby St. store from Thurs evening and then on Friday this week. If you’re in London come and say hello and take a look… Jane will be helping to curate your stuff and managing the lo-fi voting mechanism. Jane has curated retail outlets and museum exhbitions before so it’ll be interesting to see what she does with such an ecletic range of folksy stuff.

image: *hoodrat*

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