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So, a few of you have seen the wonderful display in howies. Amidst all the Folksy stuff that was shortlisted is our logo in wood. A chap called Fin made this. We found Fin by trawling through the vast (like 3!) listings for wood carvers and sculpters in and around Yorkshire. He wasn’t one of them but was recommended by them and we quickly discovered why; he’s good.

He works out of a studio above a greasy cafe near the train station. This unsavoury (see what I did…) exterior is great because you don’t then expect to find yourself in this cavernous space chock full of wood and machines and stuff. The sort of place that makes you feel like a child, where you just want to play. It’s been one of the great ‘ups’ of doing Folksy, meeting lots of people who make things and are skilled and talented in a way that you don’t usually see (at least if you’re used to office life like I am). Anyway, we weren’t allowed to play so we thought we’d show you a little bit about “how” Fin made the logo (the time lapse starts after a brief interview where Fin talks about why he made it like he did):

If that was all a bit too fast then you can see the output here:

And here is the time lapse on it’s own:

The logo is currently in the howies store and will probably end up in our London back office as they tend to get a better class of visitor than our Sheffield office, although the staff aren’t nearly so good :o

nb. It should be noted that the actual logo was created by LOVE in Manchester who we ocassionally work with. A belated thank you to Emma, Adam and Alf over there (*waves*)

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