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Came across Yasuko’s work yesterday on Folksy. Isn’t it beautiful? She has a range of crocheted ‘dolls’ that just ooze personality, they feel like little people (can you anthropomorphosize inanimate things?). Anyway, this brings me on to the latest round of Featured Sellers. We have:

Now, we’ve been rather eratic in how we’ve been dealing with Featured Sellers on Folksy, partly because we”ve been testing the water and seeing what ‘works’. We’ve now updated how we manage Featured Sellers in the FAQ so you know what makes you eligible and how they are chosen. To save you going to look this is basically it:

  • You need to have four or more items for sale
  • Images of the items need to be of a good quality
  • Four featured sellers are chosen every 3 weeks by Folksy staff and…
  • The four will be chosen as representing a variety of different types of work on Folksy

Finally, British Cream Tea’s Egg, for no other reason than I just think it’s majestic.

Right, off for a late breakfast….

UPDATE: breakfast over and I’ve just bagged Sammy the bear…. he was too good to resist!

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jennifer | themakelounge October 8, 2008 - 10:16 am

Love the Amigurumi!

(Slightly related note – we’re looking for someone who is fairly close to London to teach Amigurumi workshops at The Make Lounge… anyone know someone?)

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