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In missing Origin I stumbled across the outlet and workshop of the textile designer and ‘manufacturer’ Margo Selby, who was ironically at Origin the day I was there. It’s a beautiful store packed with her gorgeious textiles which are so full of texture, they look and feel great. Anyway, I didn’t appreciate that Margo (who’s work I’ve come across and admired from afar, before) had a workshop in the basement of the store. Here it is. Isn’t that great! Like, no fancy frontend operation in Bloomsbury with a decidedly dog-eared backroom operation in some industrial estate in Blackburn. Nope, it’s all here.

And here is the famed weaving frame:

Anyway, I spoke to Margo today and as part of our newly found intention to do sporadic interviews with Crafter types she has agreed to be interviewed. So next time I’m in London I’ll ask her some questions probably using the flip we just bought to put the video up here for you all to see.

So, what questions do you want to ask Margo? Tell me and I’ll ask away…

Whilst you’re at it who else would be good to interview if we could (and I’m making absolutely no promises to be anything other than piecemeal and sporadic and other unreliable things…)?

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