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Some people who do research contacted us the other day about work they’ve been doing around Craft Kids. They’ve identified a ‘tribe’ of younger people who like to make their own things, be that their own clothes or ipod covers. I know a lot of market research can be Emperor’s New Clothes but I thought you mind find this interesting. They want to speak to younger people who make things – college students who do applied arts or younger people who adapt their clothes from older / recycled clothes. That kind of thing.

If you know of any younger people who may be interested please contact us and I’ll send you the details of the person from the research company (I won’t send your details to them). Not sure if there’s any incentive to take part, they usually give you something.


UPDATE: It seems Lupin’s image was used in the video that was previously shown here by the research company concerned without her permission. So I’ve taken it down.

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James November 5, 2008 - 3:51 pm

Eww. This isn’t ‘research’, it’s marketing, and it’s certainly not interesting.

http://findyourtribe.co.uk/ is a consumer identification project funded by large corporations to narrow down demographics they can sell things to. Which would be forgivable if it wasn’t mocked up as some kind of internet game to get the kids to play it.

There’s no reward, you’re just paying (with your time) to help the world’s largest corporations segment the marketplace, and they don’t want to “speak” to you, they want to sell you mass-produced, decidedly un-Folksy stuff.

I love you guys, but you’re being a little naive…

jamesb November 5, 2008 - 3:51 pm

Hi James. I hear you. We’re not participating in this research and only said we’d mention this on the blog because we thought that some people may find it interesting and relevant. And they might. I don’t buy into the idea that marketing is necessarily bad. Segmenting audiences is something that every business does isn’t it?

Lupin November 5, 2008 - 3:51 pm

I’m more interested in the fact that they’ve used one of my photos without my permission!! Hmm.

James November 5, 2008 - 3:51 pm

Hey James – I agree that marketing is not necessarily bad in and of itself, but doing it in a stealth fashion like this is definitely underhand.

I think their use of Lupin’s photo without permission shows pretty clearly how much they actually care about their ‘tribes’.

I still quibble with the use of the word ‘research’, which is clearly used here to cultivate a veneer of academia rather than business. If they don’t pay for their research, you’re basically working unpaid for the corporations that fund it.

Abinydrierb November 5, 2008 - 3:51 pm

I made with photoshop glitter myspace banners.
have a look at them:
Thanks 4 your site ;-) xxoxo

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