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Hello. We’ve been really busy with developing Folksy and improving it and we know there’s still lot’s to do. You feedback has been central to the development and improvement process, so many thanks for letting us know what bugs you, what’s not working and (now and again) what you like. We thought it would be good and right and proper to share with you the timeline for work and what we intend to do when. Below is our slate for the site. It doesn’t include competitions, partnerships etc.

Big stuff

  • Makes – launching the “making” section of the site. 24th November
  • International Sales – going international so you can choose where to sell to and also what currency to view the items in. 2nd half of Feb 2009

Smaller Stuff

These changes will all be complete by the 12th Dec.

  • Changing the profile page to reflect more about you and what you are selling (if you are selling).
  • Recently Sold view on the site so you can see things that have er, recently sold and who sold them.
  • New listings by new users. So new people can get seen :)
  • Popular items view. You can see this already here but we’re going to integrate it in a nicer way
  • Take price off sold items
  • Create a nice print view for item pages
  • Making it easier for people not logged in to message sellers
  • Increase the number of items on a page view – so you’ll be able to see 20, 40, 60 etc.

We’ll also be tackling the information architecture of the service in the New Year but we can’t put a date on what we’ll deliver as, to be honest, we need to test that first. But we will be improving the way in which people can browse around the site from item pages.

I know you’ve given us lots of feedback on bugs and things but we’re tackling these as and when we get them. So, let us have your thoughts on this slate. Things we just *have* to include etc. The more radical and far out the better. Give us your sci-fi craft requests :)

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Skully November 11, 2008 - 5:49 pm

The link you give doesn’t work. Maybe a typo?

pennydog November 11, 2008 - 5:49 pm

It would be great if the messages could be improved further than what has been written here, I don’t like having to write the subject out every time I reply to someone, and not being able to see the conversation thread, it seems a bit stinted.

I do like the other ideas though, and I wonder how the profile page will look!

james November 11, 2008 - 5:49 pm

Hi Skully – fixed. Me being a muppet.

marceline November 11, 2008 - 5:49 pm

It’s still broken, kind of! Is it basing popularity on views? I kind of imagined it would be something to do with sales or people marking as favourites but I suppose looking at sold things wouldn’t be very helpful.

As for sci-fi ideas – I’d like some kind of personalised homepage where it would show things from your favourite sellers and things you might like (from shops your favourite sellers have favourited? or favourite categories?) plus more gift guides like the bags and halloween ones. Maybe even events near you or alerts to leave feedback or ship stuff.

excited about al the changes though!

Nickyp November 11, 2008 - 5:49 pm

Yes I agree with Marceline on 2 counts: 1. the link is still not working properly (tacks the url onto the end of the blog url and therefore doesn’t connect) and 2. what is popularity based on? Is it how many people have favourited the item? It would be interesting to know the criteria.

Great to see this “slate” though. Makes us realise that things are moving! Good work, guys!

Lupin November 11, 2008 - 5:49 pm

I love you guys for posts like this! :)

Comments off the top of my head (apologies if they’re not wild enough…)

1) What does “information architecture” mean and what does it affect?

2) Please can I have my sold items and items listed in date order, I am getting in a muddle already! this is my biggest niggle day to day using the site

3) Most of the popular items are the ones which have been in “top picks” for months! no mystery there.

I’d love to see the top picks changed more frequently (weekly, perhaps?) and to never include more than one item by any particular seller at any one time: repetitions make it look like the site has a limited pool of talent to draw from when really we’re starting to be pretty varied…

Popular should also be related to time if possible & perhaps be internally randomised (say top 100 shown at random with no numbering?), or the big fancy showcase pieces that get lots of attention but take months to sell will always sit at the top of the list – I’ve seen sites that have “most popular this week” listings based on recent activity which seem to work well

4) First impressions are really important for me: most people will find us via typing in the main web address & the homepage needs to look really special.

I also don’t like how much it changes when you’re logged in, it’s quite confusing to go back to a page and have it not be there anymore! I love the idea of a personal homepage but the main one should still be there for the revisiting…

5) In our profiles I’d love to have space to put a couple of pictures – to show ourselves or our workspaces / materials etc and perhaps a space for a gallery – for people to put examples of work for commissions, or to use as a portfolio space so our profiles become somewhere to direct people to in themselves instead of just being an “about” page for our shop.

6) I would also love love love love love love to have a statistic for profile views / shop views (as well as individual item listings) and either some internally-provided statistics on where these visits are coming from (even if it’s just a simple breakdown like a % that come from “Folksy Search” “Search Engine” “Direct Link”) or the ability to use Google Analytics or similar code within our shops

Lupin November 11, 2008 - 5:49 pm

Oops sorry that was a bit long, wasn’t it? :)

heather November 11, 2008 - 5:49 pm

…wot lupin said ;-)

seriously though – what does “popular” mean in this context?

jamesb November 11, 2008 - 5:49 pm

hey – thanks for all the replies. link now fixed (sure sure). Lupin – brilliant stuff. we’ll digest and work through a proper response to those ideas.

re: popular. yes, this is a very simple metric – page views. it obviously correlates highly with amount of time the listing has been up for but it can also show you waht people find interesting. the work by jamie (table and chair etc.) are really quirky and have clearly been talked about and the links passed around. Anyway, like I said we’re thinking of lots of different views into the data / items etc. and popular, sold and newly listed are just the easy one’s we want to do first. :)

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