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International Sales and The Slate

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So, we’re in the second half of February and as we said way back when, we’re launching International Sales. However, as those that read the email newsletter from yesterday will know, we’re doing this in stages. Initially, we’re enabling UK sellers to sell internationally. That will happen next week (the end of). Why stages? We’re doing this for two reasons: firstly, so that we can test that it works well and get feedback on improving it before we go international; secondly, so we can scale effectively – we’re small and managing support and development takes time. By developing in stages we can scale ‘organically’ and sustainably. Apologies to the international (non-UK) sellers who were hoping to hop on to Folksy this month. We’ve let you down, but we hope you understand why and will use your vast reserves of patience to wait a while longer :)

There are a few things on that initial slate that the beady eyed amongst you will know we did not complete in full. We tinkered with profile pages but did not redesign them fully and you still can’t see how to message a seller without being logged in. We’ll be fixing these things in March and we’ll be sharing the designs for the profile pages and new listing process on the blog, explaining our rationale for the work.

As ever, let us have your feedback via the forum or beta email.

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heather (niftyknits) February 20, 2009 - 3:47 pm

Thanks for keeping us up to date :-)

Covetables February 20, 2009 - 3:47 pm

The updates are always appreciated!

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