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by admin

Hello. Yesterday we were at the Maker Faire in Newcastle showing some of the things made at the Makers and Hackers workshops we organised (with tinker.it) in London and Sheffield. It was a super day, with some excellent ideas and fun things to play with. It’s cemented in our minds that the ‘edges’ of craft, like craftzine are something worth exploring as they provide a vision not only of things to come but are a way into showcasing craft to a wider audience who might not otherwise be interested. We had so many kids and adults (and BBC News and other media organisations) yesterday fascinated by what we’d made and wanting to know more, it was great to experience and a real eye opener. Hopefully we’ll be able to organise similar events soon.

You can see our photos from the Maker Faire yesterday here. And a whole load more here.

If you’re heading up to go the Faire today be sure to say hello to Rob (from Folksy) and Alex (from tinker.it).

Oh, and Becky and Jim and some of those working on the Dancing Spatz idea which went down a storm at their demo yesterday have created a website of their ‘product’. Hilarious. I’ve more videos of this which I’ll put up soon, hopefully before the idea goes into mass production and goes stellar!

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