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Summer Holidays :: Hints from Dottie for Keeping the Kids Amused!

by Folksy Support

Written by Dottie of Folksy shop ‘Dottie Designs

As the long summer holidays loom on the horizon we all dream of weeks away, endless sunshine and houses filled with the laughter of our little ones…

The reality is far more that there will be rainy stay inside days and boredom and moaning. Most children over 5 will then resort to the necessity of electronic entertainment. TV’s, DS’s, computers all have their place but how about getting them doing something creative!

My own older kids will moan about having to do anything arty until the minute that they sit down and get started. Then they will produce the next masterpiece that needs to be kept forever and really enjoy it.

I asked for some advice on the Folksy forums about what people recommended for children to do in the holidays and got a great selection of things for sale and ideas for things to do.

Cowbag has a brilliant tote bag with goodies in, perfect for grabbing on the way out for something to entertain the youngsters at Grandma’s!

Susie J recommended this great kit from Kelso Creations – certainly enough in this kit to keep a few kids happy for ages!

There are quite a few home-educators on Folksy and Zoe from TopFloorTreasures had some great advice….

” I home educate my daughter and over the last 3 years she’s been out of school we have got a lot of use out of The Crafty Crow website – a fantastic website full of craft ideas for kids of all ages. Also, we use Home Schooling which has some excellent and fun activities that all kids would enjoy.

Madebydolly suggested this great site – activity village that seems to have a bit of something for everyone!!

DottiesCards has a range of card making kits that can be tailored to a child’s age, or even to the number of children that you are going to use it for. 3 kids, clearly you need 3 pairs of scissors, much less fighting!

Gnomead came up with a brilliant site “The Long Thread” which has 50 activities for the little cherubs to do – that’ll keep them busy for a few days!!

For girls, big and little, you can’t go far wrong with a bit of jewellery making! Supplies by Emma Cressey sells the most scrumptious jewellery making kit that is sure to brighten the dullest of August rainy days!

Seethewoods has a brilliant suggestion for getting the kids creative outside.

“Liquid chalk. Mix cornflour or rice flour with enough water to make it the consistency of cream, divvy it up into bowls and mix in food colouring then let the kids go mad painting outside with it. The rain washes it all away, you can paint it on absolutely anything (we’ve had multicoloured plants, walls, ground, plantpots) and they can even paint in the pouring rain and make rainbow rivers.
Just have towels and baby wipes ready at the back door when they’re finished:)”

Lemon Squeezy has a lovely bunting making kit.

Or pop on over to Paper and String and have a look at their doughnut knitting kit. Fabulous!

Enjoy the Summer holidays!

Dottie Designs – Situated in Hampshire next to the sea, Dottie specialises in making personalised photo albums, Guest Books and Keepsake Boxes for all occasions. Mainly selling on the internet on Folksy, on her own website in various places Dottie does like to get out and about occasionally and can be seen at some fairs in Hampshire and West Sussex. Dottie also has a blog where you can keep up to date with her latest projects.

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amyorangejuice July 22, 2010 - 8:10 am

Brillo advice there Dottie, I will be coming back to this post again and again as the rain has started right on cue with the holidays! (shakes fist at sky)

Victoria July 22, 2010 - 8:15 am

Great suggestions! When I was little I used to love baking and colouring in. I had a huge colouring book!

Hilary July 22, 2010 - 11:53 am

I just loved the summer hols as a kid – loads of TV, pyjamas, waterfights ahhh, happy memories! The summer holidays feel more exhausting now somehow…

Thanks for all the great links Dottie :)

apryl July 22, 2010 - 5:04 pm

What great ideas. The links were especially brilliant and given me food for thought again about homeschooling!

Shaz from OddSox July 22, 2010 - 5:59 pm

I love the liquid chalk idea – I’m going to tell my friend who has 6yr old twins – they’d be in their elements – I might join them! Great research Dottie. x

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