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by Folksy Support

Very occasionally we give our columnists a week off…  we won’t make a habit of it!

We thought this was the perfect opportunity to let you know about some of our regular posts and series on our new and improved blog and to give you the chance of adding some feedback. You can find all the latest posts in the sidebar along with the most recent comments from our readers.

Come for tea at Folksy

So what do we talk about on the Folksy blog?

Inspiring Creativity :: Folksy columnist Amy Orange Juice (extremely) talented stained glass artist, has been talking to all sorts of exceptional Folksy sellers and finding out what inspires our top craftsmen and artists and where and how they started. We hope that you will be inspired to give some of these crafts a go. We have masses of fascinating crafts lined up for Amy to investigate!

The Kapowder Room Secrets :: Konnie Kapow, illustrator, designer and Scottish superhero is uncovering genres and trends in handmade selling – especially the ones we’ve heard of but we’re not quite sure what they are exactly…  So if you want to be up to date and be able to spot the difference between steam-punk and psycho-billy then this is the column for you!

Shop Front :: Selling, photos, listing, titles, descriptions, SEO, keywords the list goes on (gulp!) ???  It can all be quite confusing so we’re here to drill down into the nittygritty and deal with it in bite size chunks. We want your Folksy shops to be great too! There’s also a lot of excellent advice over in our member support area.

Postcard purses - fabric nation

Craft Fair Advice :: Folksy is an online craft fair / market place but we also know that alot of you are spending your weekends with your Folksy shops on vacation selling face to face (or maybe that’s what you would like to be doing?).  With the help of many of our experienced sellers we have written a series of articles to prepare you for your first (or next) craft market, ensuring you get the very best out of it.

Shop Talk :: Have you ever stumbled across an amazing Folksy shop and wondered how they get it all looking so good? Reading a few of our seller interviews will give you a great insight into what makes a fantastic Folksy shop and who the hard working artists are behind them. (Beware of impulsive purchases)

Folksy Friday ::  It’s big! Every Friday we publish our own Folksy Friday from a guest blogger, chosen from the teams of bloggers that devote a little time each week to finding the best of what Folksy has to offer.  We’re so proud to have such a great bunch of bloggers supporting us! (What is a Folksy Friday?)

Coming very soon…

We’re very excited as we’ve been contacting some great websites, magazines, collectives and e-zines to guest post on the blog and tell us exactly what they have to offer our sellers and why we should be glued to their next posts and issues. We can’t wait to start posting this great new series! If you have any ideas for crafty sites we can approach please let us know.

We’re also always on the hunt for posts and ideas from you!

How to get involved ::  Email hilary@folksy.co.uk and let us know about an idea for a post, if you would like to write it yourself or just want to read about it – just email.  That’s it really, you’ll soon get an email back with some details and if you have your post published you’ll get an author panel with some great links back to your shop/blog or maybe just a link for having such a great idea! Big thanks to those of you who have already written for us.

We love getting feedback via the comments so don’t be shy – let us know what you would like to see us writing about in the future…


Judy August 10, 2010 - 2:30 pm

I am so grateful for the shop front series of articles. I will be refering to them again and again for useful tips and advice. keep ’em coming!

Judy x

Hilary August 10, 2010 - 5:03 pm

Plenty more to come! Thanks Judy

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