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Folksy Friday :: Pen Pals

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Pen Pals

99 years ago today the first round-the-world telegram was delivered.  In this day and age you can correspond with anyone anywhere in the world at a click of a button, but in my opinion nothing beats finding a hand written letter sent from some far away country sitting on your doorstep.  There’s something so personal about taking the time to write out a letter to someone. As a child I used to have a few pen pals, and loved getting to know people from different countries .  I still have letters from my grandparents and friends tucked away in a box somewhere that I like to re-read from time to time.

So when I saw that Indie Fixx was running a pen pal project I just had to sign up.  I love the idea of making new friends just by exchanging addresses with strangers.  And I’ve exchanged a lot of addresses so far!  I’ve sent mail out to North America, Europe and Asia, and I’m eagerly awaiting responses from my new friends.  If you’re crafty and would like to make a new friend or two, why not sign up too??

Click on the images and take a look at all the other great items these Folksy sellers have to offer too!

This week’s Folksy Friday has been curated by Nerys from Crafty Jemima.

” Nerys from Crafty Jemima makes a beautiful selection of pretty felt appliqued bunting and intricately stitched flower brooches.  Her blog is a treasury of crafting and stitching and we thoroughly recommend you pop over and take a look – especially at all her previous fantastic Folksy friday selections! Crafty Jemima’s Blog.

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Victoria August 20, 2010 - 10:13 am

Great picks I used to have a pen pal, I sometimes wonder what happened to them!

fairlygirly August 20, 2010 - 11:18 am

Lovely picks. I am still in contact with a couple of penpals I made whilst at school. Unfortunately, we tend to email rather than write nowadays!

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