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Indie Smiles – Charity Birthday Bash and Contest

by Folksy Support

Guest Post from Susan Rosen of Indie Smiles

Hello Folksy shop members from Indiesmiles!

We at Indiesmiles.com wanted to stop by and let you know that our website has so much to offer Folksy members. Even though you may be located across the ocean from the home base of Indiesmiles, it doesn’t really matter, handmade is handmade wherever you reside and whatever you create.
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The Indie industry is one that has changed over the years since we’ve become involved in the marketing area of this business. Yes, even though our agenda’s may differ, one shop owner may be posting their items just for the fun of it, and another owner may be posting items on Folksy to make a living; it’s still regarded as a business. You need to spend a certain amount of money on supplies, a banner, shipping materials, etc. So, for all intensive purposes all of the fun also includes a need or a wish to reimburse ourselves for these costs and our time as well.

So once it became apparent that the Independent community, whether it be Zibbet, Artfire, Folksy or Etsy, extensively needed marketing advice, lessons on “how-tos”, interviews to learn how someone else has become successful, as well as exposure. We then decided to put forth efforts to help everyone in the Indie Communities learn how to market and how to spread the word via our articles by contributing columnists from all venues, contests and by offering ad space. Indiesmiles is here to help the handmade community worldwide! That is our goal! One tip that I can provide to Folksy readers is keep your options open, get the world out using Twitter or Facebook and advertising, remember those are the visitors that are loyal because they are not just “stumbling” over your lovely items.

Folksy Featured Seller item Folksy Featured Seller item Folksy Featured Seller item Folksy Featured Seller item Folksy

A selection of handmade “Home” inspired items currently featured on the Folksy front page – please click an item for more details.

Presently we are running a huge contest to not only help abused animals but also to celebrate one year of offering articles by contributing columnists our “Indiesmiles Charity Birthday Bash” The focus of this contest is to have our community place donations to ASPCA.org for each “Handmade” or “Pet” photo submitted. Anyone can vote! So please visit our bash and offer any assistance you can whether it be donating and submitting a photo or voting. Prize entries are worldwide! We welcome Folksy’s support!

Finally, visit our website, we are confident that our articles, written by columnists from various handmade sectors, will be of interest to anyone in that owns a handmade shop. Which reminds us that we could certainly use a columnist or 2 that posts their items on Folksy to help our article section become well rounded. So if you enjoy blogging, we will do all we can to make the writing experience fun and fulfilling for you!

Anyone whom has any comments to offer, or wishes to speak directly to Sue, owner of Indiesmiles.com you can certainly feel free to contact her at indiesmiles@gmail.com

It was so nice visiting Folksy’ today and collectively we can meld the shores of not only the UK and the USA, but the shores around the world as well!

A selection of handmade items currently featured on the Folksy front page – please click an item for more details –

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Donna September 20, 2010 - 4:55 pm

Great article and reminder of what IndieSmiles is all about. Thanks so much for sharing.

Barbra September 20, 2010 - 4:56 pm

Indie Smiles is a wonderful resource for artisans in all disciplines-helpful articles regarding doing business on line, how-tos,spotlights and more. EVERYONE should visit!

Linda Gay Jones September 20, 2010 - 9:37 pm

I love writing articles for Indiesmiles so much. I was assigned to write about Etsy artists. I also write about other happenings sometimes too! It’s a passion for me to promote other artists and that is usually what I do! I also am into seeing eye candy, so I love to make slide videos so much to show beautiful art from different artists on the same subject, or write about an artist and tell their background. I think in art history, once I knew more about the artist, it made me understand the artwork more and I would fall in love with some artist’s work that I may not have like much before! It’s so much fun being involved with Indiesmiles and I’m so glad they found me wanting to write an article about ME! That was a year ago! Months later I was asked if I wanted to write for them, and I have been ever since. Yall should take advantage of the contest and try to win the prizes that are offered! It’s for such a great cause, as I have had some true loves that came from the Aspca when I lived in NYC. They were 2 brother and sister tuxedos and the boy, Domino was tall and skinny, and Peanut was a runt. Her tail was 1/2″ long. Domino lived to be 11 and Peanut 20 yrs old. Aspca kept in touch with me because the gal that found them and weened them back to health fell in love with them. You can find many pieces of my art were inspired from Peanut because she was such a cartoon kitty and had a dog’s personality. She had a little bitty face, itty bitty cow legs, an itty bitty tail, and a round body. I entered her and my all white gorgeous kitty Kenzie that I have now, which was also a rescue kitty when she was 9 a couple of years ago. I also entered a couple of pieces in the art section, the Jack Russell figure and a print from an original of Peanut…just for fun! I also voted for everybody that shows up so that guarantees you’lll get one vote from me!!! The ads are way….affordable, and the articles are very cool to read! Oh, and about the contest if you don’t pay anything, you can still vote for FREE!
This site is like a magazine with articles all about artsy stuff!
I sure do hope yall visit! You will not regret it!

Suzanne September 20, 2010 - 9:40 pm

What a great introduction to IndieSmiles.Hope many of you will visit.

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