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Staying safe online

by Folksy Support

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Folksy has a very active and vibrant online community, both within our own forums and on other sites like Twitter and Facebook. It’s part of what makes Folksy a fun place to buy and sell handmade items and supplies, as well as just hang out and make some crafty online pals.

Unfortunately, virtual fraudsters and scammers are a very real part part of today’s digital world. We want to make sure all of our buyers and sellers are really safe online, so we thought we’d share some advice and a few useful links.

Spammers and scammers!

Spammers, that is people sending large amounts of unsolicited mail, aren’t tolerated on Folksy. Please email support@folksy.com if you are receiving any emails that you perceive to be ‘junk’ or ‘spam’.

In most cases the enquiries sent and received via the Folksy direct messaging system (dm’s / pm’s) are genuine. It’s great that a buyer, journalist or craft fair organiser / gallery can get in touch directly with the maker and many fantastic business opportunities can arise from selling your handmade crafts online through Folksy. However if an email or message you receive seems unusual, asks for personal details or perhaps the offer looks too good to be true, then it may be a scam.

  • Ask for more information. Check their email address or web address if they give one.
  • Don’t give out any personal details (especially bank details)
  • Report any suspicious activity immediately to Folksy support@folksy.com (don’t publicly “name and shame”)

Buying and Selling

Folksy recommends that buyers and sellers use Paypal. It’s a quick, secure, 3rd party payment method for receiving and transferring funds without revealing sensitive financial information, like credit card security numbers or bank details.  We do allow goods to be paid for outside of Paypal but this is at the seller’s discretion. If you encounter any problems with payments or unusual requests, please open a new private discussion on our help and support page or email us at support@folksy.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Paypal has lots of important safety advice for buying and selling online, including information about chargebacks, which may be of particular interest to sellers.

Keep your personal details secure

Please be aware that the Folksy forums are public. This means that anybody can find the information that you post there through search engines. This is fantastic when you are telling people about your latest blog post or listing. However, be careful not to reveal personal information either here or elsewhere on the net as scammers may use it in order to commit identity theft.

It’s an unpleasant subject but being safe online with financial and personal details is very important. We want our Folksy members to be as secure as possible. Please get in touch if you have any queries or notice anything unusual.

There is some very helpful information at  www.safefrom scams.co.uk and at www.oft.gov.uk if you want to know more about online scammers

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