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A spider is not just for Halloween…

by Folksy Support

This post was written by Mirjam Van Vonderen of Mirribeads, there is also an accompanying ‘beaded spider make’ over on the main Folksy site should you wish to try your hand at making a spider too!

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Halloween is a special time for all those misfits who need a bit of extra love. In my shop I like looking at things from a different angle. I take what’s old and broken and bring it back to life. I love playing around with half forgotten patterns and beads, making up new ones as I go along. Insects, from ants to butterflies, have always fascinated me and marvelling at their shape and colours, I wanted to try to form them out of the beads I had gathered over the years.

Spiders and Halloween seem to be made for each other. You can see their images in every shop window display, crudely cut out shapes put up there to jokingly scare people. I invite you to go beyond that first reaction of fright though and have another look at the spiders around you. I know the beauty of spiders is a more acquired taste and many people prefer to shy away from them. If you can get past your initial fear however they can really draw you in with their elegant legs and their round, sometimes ornately decorated bodies. Every spider has their own special way of scuttling about and some have colours a rainbow would envy. This time of year they weave their delicate webs everywhere and if you look out of your window you’ll probably see a beautiful sparkly web full of dewdrops.

I spider earrings

I Spider

How could I resist then trying to imitate Mother Nature, when I looked at the shape of a big spider weaving its web in my window outside my craft room the other day?

I took a couple of lovely vintage faceted beads, one large one for the body, one smaller one for the head, secured them together on a piece of wire, then added some legs with bugle beads strung on wire and wrapped tightly between body and head and voila: I Spider was born.

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She lives on many things, from hairclips to brooches to dangling of earrings and occasionally weaves a lovely web….

Of course I make it sound simple and actually it isn’t that difficult, but I describe it in more detail in my folksy make of I Spider.

I hope I have inspired you to look at spiders in a different light, remember, they’re not just for Halloween.

Have a happy Halloween
Xxx Mirjam

Please visit Mirjams fantastic make and of course her shop where you can buy ‘I Spider’ all ready made up in plenty of time for Halloween! We’d love to know what you are going to be making for halloween too!

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Victoria October 7, 2010 - 12:25 pm

wow fabulous, I love halloween but I’m not sure I’ll ever learn to love spiders – I’m trying really hard though!

Gemma October 8, 2010 - 9:30 pm

Such cute spiders! Love the card

Malicia October 12, 2010 - 12:43 pm

I loved this blog entry!!! Awesome work Mirjam!!

And as u say, I love to see through the window and discover new webs everyday :P

It’s my natural Halloween decoration for the garden :)

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