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Written By Anna from Mystic Earth and Avril from Sprinkles Sparkles

Creative Crafting Online MagazineCreative Crafting is a free online magazine, ‘Created by Crafters, for Crafters’

The online magazine is out bi-monthly, with each issue having a theme relating to the month that it is published.  Our aim is to raise awareness of the crafting community, not just around the UK, but the rest of the world.

As the magazine is online, it is always available to read by anyone, at any time. The advantage of this is that it never ends up in the recycling bin, and so the magazine, and website is promoting Crafters 24/7. (back issues)

Every issue, Creative Crafting promotes Crafter’s through  Regular Features that include Crystal Magic, Budget & Luxury, and Best Picks, Special Features & Recipes that are written by Crafters, Interviews answered by Crafter’s, and of course our Projects and Tutorials that are primarily written by Crafters as far away as New Zealand!

As well as all the features being in the magazine, you can also find them on our website. If there was a project you remember seeing in a previous issue, and you cannot remember what issue it was in, you can find all the projects listed on the site.

Creative Crafting Online Magazine

The more issues we do, the more Creative Crafting is hearing from Crafter’s eager to write a feature, project or recipe to promote their business. As well as having an article in the magazine, they also receive a clickable graphic and text advert in the directory that can be directed to your own website or marketplace worth £22. What a great incentive!

Creative Crafting Magazine has pulled in readers of 34,843 and 354,065 page views since its first issue was out in October 2009. The most popular issue so far has been the February/Valentines issue which received over 66,000 unique page views in its first two months until the next issue was published.

All of our issues are still online to be discovered today.

Every Wednesday we have a competition on Facebook , and other marketplace forums, like Folksy, called ‘Winning Wednesday’. The competition is open for one day, to every Crafter. You have the chance to win text links, graphic adverts, page adverts, and handmade prizes. We announce the winner through our Blog, Facebook, and Twitter feed every Thursday morning. Yet, another great promotion to get involved with!

Creative Crafting Online Magazine

Creative Crafting Magazine also has a networking site, Creative Connections. This network is for people who create things for love or money. Crafters from all walks of life. Meet friends who share your interests. Sign up to our network, upload your pictures to your very own customisable profile, and join in the with the community that includes forums, groups, blogs, and events. Why not share and show off your handmade work with everyone.

If you would like to write an article or participate in an interview for Creative Crafting Magazine, please contact Anna or Avril at thecrystallady@creative-crafting.com or sprinks@creative-crafting.com stating your article idea or that you are wishing to take part in an interview.

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Olivia aka Girlybunches November 4, 2010 - 6:12 am

I love this magazine, every page is filled to the brim with great articles, tips and reviews. It’s brilliant, go and check it out now! :D

amyorangejuice November 4, 2010 - 1:26 pm

Its a great magazine to write for and a lovely read x

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