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Helping craft fairs get the crowds they deserve

by Folksy Support

Written by Emma of Ooh.com

The sound of trestle tables being snapped open rings up and down the country as Winter and Christmas craft fairs get into full swing. At the same time, a Twitter campaign – #handmadechristmas – is gaining momentum and encouraging people to buy handmade presents this year. This is all great news, but only if enough people come along to the fairs to part with their cash!

A keen crafter myself, my day job finds me working for Ooh.com, a free site where anyone can list courses, classes and workshops – and already hundreds of people running craft activities have listed them on the site. However we wanted to do more to support the craft world, and decided that Ooh.com could help by letting people use the site to promote all the craft fairs going on around the UK.

So we asked our technical wizards to make some key changes to the site. They waved their technical wands and we’re pleased to say that now anyone who runs craft fairs can upload all the details, including photos, dates, exhibitors and any other information they’d like to include.

Ooh.com has about 50,000 people coming to the site every month looking for interesting things to do, and now they’ll be able to search and find the fantastic craft fairs people have listed. But we need your help! We’ll help promote fairs once they’re listed on the site by using our widely read blog, newsletters, Facebook page and Twitter, but we need you to help spread the word and get people listing the fairs on the site. Ooh.com is free to use and we want to help make sure all the fantastic craft fairs going on get the crowds they deserve!

Get in touch if you’ve got any questions or need help creating a listing on Ooh.com – emma@ooh.com

Photos thanks to Bitchbuzz and Orin Zebest.

Thanks! Emma will also be curating tomorrows Folksy Friday, with a selection of her favourite gifts on Folksy, published tonight at midnight!

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Victoria November 11, 2010 - 11:54 am

Looks great I’ll have to get to listing some of the craft fairs I’m going to be at!

fancymade November 11, 2010 - 6:26 pm

This is a great idea, so many times I have stumbled upon craft fairs and wonder why I didn’t know about them before hand. Living in the sticks means the internet is a perfect way to get promoting. I will pass the message on!

Linziloop November 18, 2010 - 10:59 am

This is such an ace, easy to use and well integrated with Flickr site. Just listed an event I’m hosting on it, the Right Said Thread Handmade and Vintage Market, Liverpool:


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