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Shop Talk :: Come Day Go Day

This week we’re talking to Dianne from Folksy shop Come day Go day

“Come Day Go Day! – The weird and the wonderful”

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This is a shop full of curiosities, each photographed beautifully to show every tiny detail of these fascinating pieces. Diane has created a very unique shop front, with a banner that very literally captures the essence of her artwork by placing the carefully aged title text inside a vial.

come day go day

Could you describe your shop?

I think my shop has an interesting mix of individual handmade objects ranging from very wearable decoupage jewellery to intriguing assemblage curiosities and object d’art. I love the old, the new, the weird and wonderful and I use all these elements to say what I want to say in my art and craft pieces.

Who does your Folksy shop appeal to?

I know a lot of women buy my jewellery, for themselves and for their friends, but I have sold many of my more unusual assemblage pieces to both men and women of all ages.

Evidences & Anticipations - Steampunk Assemblage Purse Necklace or Curiosity

Is this your day job?

I’m so happy to be able to say that this is my full time job. Although I have to mention that my husband is very supportive.

Have you been into craft and the handmade lifestyle for long?

Art and craft is who I am. I trained as a textile designer and went on to be a full time landscape painter. I have now changed my medium to assemblage and collage, but I have always been self employed.

Where do you promote and sell your stock?

I don’t! I find that if I list new items regularly on Folksy, then people get to see my work that way. I’m afraid I’m quite old fashioned and I’m not twittering or blogging or what ever else you can do these days!

Do you have plans to expand your business in the future?

I don’t have any plans as such, but I have recently had a knee replacement, so I am looking forward to being able to make so much more!

Medicine Man - Antiqued Brass Hare Kilt Pin and Charm Brooch

What advice would you give to someone thinking about opening up a shop here on Folksy?

I would highly recommend having a shop on Folksy, but make sure you stand out from the crowd. Don’t look to see what others are doing, do your own thing and try and get the photographs to be bright and clear, I think good photos are really important. I also prefer to send personal emails to my customers to thank them properly, they always seem to appreciate this.

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Victoria December 8, 2010 - 10:54 am

Beautiful work! These really are tiny works of art fabulous.

heather aka NiftyKnits December 8, 2010 - 1:33 pm

Your shop is wonderful, I particularly like the key dangle, I’ve never seen anything like that. I think it’s great that you’re making sales without promoting – but it’d be interesting (although impossible!) to know how many more people (like me) would have discovered you earlier. Keep up the good work!

Ann December 16, 2010 - 1:16 pm

Love the store, really creative :)

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