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Supplies – Findings, beads and gemstones

by Folksy Support

Written by Jo Reed of Finding Beadtopia


If there is one jewellery trend that has really taken hold this year it’s SteamPunk. So do you fancy trying your hand at it?

SteamPunk Alice is where you should be looking, probably the most quirky and original jewellery supplies shop on Folksy at the moment. Carrie just loves jewellery and supplies and like many of us has a long suffering other half nodding (off) appreciatively in the background. She spends much of her time searching out gorgeous supplies for her shops and still has the energy to stomp around the countryside whilst taking a breather!

For Carrie customer service is a top priority and she even offers discounts to those of us who can’t resist bulk buying. Fair pricing and fair postage what more could we ask for? So take a look around, there are few other shops where you will find the Eiffel Tower and a full Mad Hatters Tea Party all in the same place !


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Cheeky Monkey Alloy Charms Antique Brass Peace Dove Charms 2 Victorian Style Brass Oxidized Mirror Charms Small Metallic Plastic Sheriff Charms Rocking Horse Charm in Antique Brass

JEWELLERS TIPS! – Tools of the Trade

I’m sure we all have our favourite gadget that we just can’t be without, here’s my take on my “Top Tools”

Round Nosed Pliers – for every loop and curl, couldn’t do it without them.

Bent Nose Pliers – ideal for getting into tricky areas, and I always use them for wrapped loops.

Wire Cutters – how else would you do it?

Wire End Rounder – a mythical creature but a lot easier to find than it used to be, no snagging!

Bead board – don’t spend forever unstringing beads because you’ve changed your mind, plan, plan, and plan again.

Merry Christmas, Bead Happy!

Jo Reed @ Finding Beadtopia

finsing beadtopia

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