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Shop Talk :: Seventy Seventy One Design

This week we’re talking to Gail from Folksy shop SeventySeventyOne Design

“SeventySeventyOne Design! -Super Loopy”

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This shop has a very quality feel to it.  The images are consistent and the branding works well with the retro feel to this shop.  Gail has created a very desirable and recognisable product, her loopy corsages will add a well needed splash of colour to a drab winter coat.

seventyseventyone design

Could you describe your shop?

My Folksy shop sells sculptural felt fashion accessories which are designed, hand cut and hand sewn by myself from wool mix felt. My inspiration comes from 60s and 70s design and colours and in particular mid century Scandinavian design.

Who does your Folksy shop appeal to?

My shop appeals to women of all ages who are looking for something different to accessorise an outfit or looking for an unusual gift.

Is this your day job?

I am also the assistant manager of a craft gallery in the North West. My day job has helped my business grow as I have gained invaluable knowlegde of the way that galleries work. I also visit trade fairs as a buyer and have met lots of makers and artists who have inspired me and given me lots of useful tips.

Have you been into craft and the handmade lifestyle for long?

I have worked in the craft business for six years and have been running my own business for the last two years.
I have always had a need to create and be creative and love textiles and textile design. I studied surface pattern design at university but became more interested in textiles. I wanted to use felt in a sculptural way and started making corsages for myself. People started to ask me where I got them so I started a Folksy shop to see if there would be a market for them and it grew from there.

Where do you promote your stock?

The most effective ways of promoting my business have been through online craft communities such as Folksy and through social networking sites, particularly Twitter @7071design. I also have my own website www.seventyseventyone.co.uk and blog www.seventyseventyone.blogspot.com. As I run a very small operation there is very little money for marketing campaigns so any way to promote my work for free is a good thing.

Do you have plans to expand your business in the future?

I would love to carry on making and selling a successful range of work. I currently stock my work in eight galleries and eight online shops. I would like to expand and sell my work in more galleries. I have lots of ideas for new designs and ranges so to launch these would be a short term goal. A long term goal would be to be successful enough to do what I love as a full time job. As long as people continue to appreciate my work I’m happy.
I am taking part in the British Trade Craft Fair this year for the first time which is very exciting and hope that my business will expand through this opportunity.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about opening up a shop here on Folksy?

I would recommend Folksy to anyone who wants to sell their work to a wide and varied audience. The Folksy community is a very friendly place to be. A good description and great photos help to sell your work. Keep at it and the sales will come.
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heather aka NiftyKnits December 22, 2010 - 8:54 am

I’m a proud owner (and wearer) of a scarlet 7071 corsage which I won in a blog giveaway – another useful marketing tool (especially when I win LOL)

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