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Knitting, Crochet and Yarn Supplies

by Folksy Support

Written by Sally Barret of Knit Sally Knit

FEATURED SUPPLIER! – Wharfedale Woolworks

Kirsty is the owner of Wharfedale Woolworks she lives in Otley, West Yorkshire along with her two children, hubbie, two rescue cats, two champagne rats and an assortment of fish!

Kirsty has been knitting for over thirty years and five years ago turned her hand to producing scrumptious hand painted yarn at home. Last year she took the plunge left her office job and due to health reasons decided to go for a more therapeutic career and set up Wharfedale Woolworks.

Kirsty supplies a high quality great range of yarn ranging from lace weight to chunky, she even has a line of vegan wool made from sustainable bamboo fibre yarn, which is a great alternative to silk. Currently her Folksy shop stocks over 70 yarns so there are plenty to choose form whether you want to knit a pair of socks, crochet an intricate lace shawl or knit a chunky scarf you’ll find what you need at Wharfedale Woolworks.

'Spring Forest' Hand Dyed Bamboo DK Yarn 100g
'Festive Spice' - Chunky Baby Alpaca Hand Dyed Yarn 100g

FOLKSY FINDS! – Starter kits and knitting & crochet accessories

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Love to Knit - Project Kit Aluminium Crochet Hooks Red Spotty Knitting bag and starter kit Double Pointed Needle and Stitch Marker Offer Recycled knitting stitch holders

Knitting and Crochet Tips – Knitting and crochet toolkit

For those of you that are thinking of taking up knitting or crochet, I thought it may be helpful to know what tools I have in my knitting bag and what I wouldn’t be without.

Knitting Needles: Now of course you need needles, but there are many choices, straight needles, in bamboo and other woods, plastic, metal, double pointed needles and circular needles, not forgetting interchangeable circular needles. I personally love my interchangeable circular needles, in fact that is all I use these days, they are great when knitting heavy items as the circular part holds your knitting which rests on your lap, also great for small items and for knitting using the ‘magic loop’ method. I find them easier to control and to carry around but it really is a personal choice. You can buy individual pairs of needles which may be good to start with until you decide what you prefer to use, then perhaps you could invest in a starter kit.

Crochet hooks: There are a similar array of crochet needles made of different materials wood, metal, plastic again it’s a personal choice.

Crochet Needle: In my knitting bag I also have a crochet needle which is invaluable for picking up dropped stitches!

Needle Sizer: This is helpful for checking the size of your needles or hooks especially as your they get older and the size rubs off.

Tape measure: an essential item for measuring your work and checking tension.

Row counter: This sits on the end of your needle and keeps count of what row you are on, particulary useful if doing a cable, pattern for example or for keeping count of increase and decrease rows.

Stitch Markers: Really helpful if doing a complicated pattern that is worked in sections, the stitch markers just slip on the needle and separate the sections for you, making the pattern easier to keep track of. If crocheting you need open stitch markers to attach to the stitch rather than the needle.

Project bags: I have a selection of different size project bags for all occasions and because I often have a few projects on the go at once, from small ones for knitting socks or small items to larger ones for big jumpers. These needn’t be expensive, I like to use the cheap supermarket hessian bags or the wine bottle bags after cutting out the inner section, works a treat.

Other useful items: cable needle, stitch holders, pins, scissors and darning needles.

Happy knitting and crocheting :-)

This article was kindly written for the Folksy blog by Sally Barret of Knit Sally Knit
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emmabflea March 7, 2011 - 7:40 pm

good advice for beginners! :-)

Gigi April 2, 2011 - 5:43 pm

I agree, this is great advice for those new to knitting and crochet. It really helps to have everything you need altogether before starting to learn either of these crafts to avoid frustration!

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