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Shop Talk :: Black Cactus in London

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This week we’re talking to Anna Jackson from Folksy shop Black Cactus in London

Could you describe your shop?

A place where I’ve satisfied my desire to transfer my love of printmaking from out of a frame on the wall and into my every day life.

Who does your Folksy shop appeal to?

People who love to make their special sewing more special by using hand printed fabrics, those who enjoy handmade and those who just like my designs. Everyone’s happy!

Is this your day job?

Half of the week I’m wearing a printers apron in my studio and the other half I’m a responsible-type person administrating a Psychiatry course.

Have you been into craft and the handmade lifestyle for long?

Not very long, just under a year. I studied fine art Printmaking a long time ago and have just recently taken up being creative again after many frustrated years of daydreaming. It’s a massive relief and there’s no going back now. I really love the energetic world of the handmade lifestyle, there’s so little pretense and so much genuine support and engagement from people I’ve met through it.

Hand printed fabric sampler pack - fresh cotton selection

Where do you promote your shop?

Mainly on the ‘Interwebs’ through Twitter, Facebook, forums and my own website but I do the odd advertisement in sewing magazines for my fabrics. I’m also keen to collaborate with other makers to diversify, share the promotion of products made together and to increase exposure.

Do you have plans to expand your business in the future?

I’m expanding my range of screenprinted designs and plan on a new selection of homewares to include table linen. I’m also very interested in seeing how my delicate heat-pressed fabrics look as lingerie. I expect that one process with overtake the other in time, at the moment I’m enjoying the learning curve.

Carnivorous Plants print

What advice would you give to someone thinking about opening up a shop here on Folksy?

It’s tedious I know, but photography is important and I’ve found that to keep the traffic coming to your shop, you need to list new items regularly. Folksy is a slow-burner, if you stick with it you’ll be happy with the results. And a lot of people prefer to buy in the UK and that’s why they come here.

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Linzi March 16, 2011 - 11:30 am

So nice to see BlackCactus getting some promo on the Folksy blog, lovely seller to work with (I did her shop banner!) and a really great contributor to the handmade community. That advice about selling on Folksy being tedious is spot on and I wish people would take the advice of many and put more effort into their photography as it REALLY does sell!

Anna March 18, 2011 - 7:03 pm

Thanks for mentioning my Hilary, lovely because I really enjoy Folksy.

And cheers for the shout out Linzi, your banner is still going strong. :-)

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