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My Inspiration Tapestry – by Tash Goswami

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When I was asked to write another article, this time on what or who inspires me, I went to the place that I often start and that is my trusty dictionary.
The Encarta dictionary definition of Inspiration is:

stimulation to do creative work
somebody or something that inspires
creativeness itself
a good idea
divine influence
breathing in

This made me realise that inspiration is multi faceted, from the physicality of filling your lungs with air (which is the most basic Inspiration there is) to the spirituality of divine interventions! Heavy stuff or what! And yet for all Creatives inspiration is the source behind any and all creativity.

For me it’s not one person or one thing, it’s a collection of thoughts, experiences, people, places and nature that I tap into to get inspiration. Sometimes it is a very clear path from inspiration to creative outcome but often it’s a tapestry of inspirational points. It’s a cloth that I weave and add to every day.

The amazing thing is that everybody’s tapestry is unique, individual and yet will share similarities with others. The similarities are what enable others to share an essence of my tapestry and through this meeting point they weave another thread of inspiration into their own fabric and vice versa.

My first memory of being inspired was when I sat, for hours and watched a butterfly emerge from its pupae. I was about six years old and to this day the memory of seeing that insect change in front of my eyes was enthralling. The next big moment memory is sitting in a big old Magnolia tree overlooking a fish pond in a friends garden – and yes to this day I am very partial to Magnolias. I still love to climb trees and look at the world from a different perspective!

The story of my Great Grandmother really inspires me – she lived in a small village in Sardinia and through necessity was as self sustaining as possible. She was a fountain of knowledge about making things, herbal medicine, chicken rearing and growing plants! I love the fact that she died at 83 from falling off her horse! She inspires me to live life to the full, no matter what. Many of her skills were passed down the female line and I cherish the link I have to her, my grandmother, my Aunty Paola and my mother with my own green fingers, herb collection, creativity and chickens!

I am very lucky to have a group of really good inspirational friends who are also creative. I love chatting to them about their creative ideas and mine. They are all very different and each one is fascinating to talk to! All of them inspire me in so many ways from their energy, humour, thoughts on life and their work. In particular, my friend Chip who also shares my love of Ceramics and Art. He is a funny man with a very generous heart, who has taught me through example, to believe more in myself and my dreams. Without him I would have creatively and emotionally fallen apart many times.

So there it is – a sample of some of the inspirational sources that work for me. I have not mentioned the beach, the sea, stomping in fresh snow, dancing in the rain, my beautiful little dog Mutley with the courage of a big Doberman, who just loves to run like a bullet in grass fields. Nor did I mention fields of wild flowers, colours of the rainbow, deep orange-pink sunsets, fresh yellow sunrises in turquoise skies, the smell of freshly baked bread and ground coffee beans, the thrill of turning clay into a thing of beauty or crafting the idea into reality, the smell of cold autumn nights and dewy spring mornings, soft silk fabrics that fluidly fold and crisp linen cloth…oh I could go on and on!

Tash Goswami is editor and creator of Blethering Crafts – www.bletheringcrafts.co.uk and trades under the name violetsands – www.violetsands.blogspot.com

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Jay May 19, 2011 - 1:17 pm

Wonderful article Tash! It’s always really interesting to read how and who and where creatives get their inspiration. I’m so glad you’re part of mine!

Hilary May 19, 2011 - 6:21 pm

I love this article – especially pointing out the ‘breathing in’ literal translation of inspiration, that’s a lovely way to think of someone inspiring – that you have quite literally breathed them in.

Thanks for your time with this Tash :)

Shaz from OddSox May 19, 2011 - 6:29 pm

That was a lovely read, thank you. x

Tash Goswami May 31, 2011 - 8:07 am

thanks everyone for your lovely comments – i really enjoyed writing it!

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